Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Senator David Jaye - Mistreatment of Senate Staff - Macomb County

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After Senator David Jaye was arrested for assaulting his fiancee [April 2001], the Senate began an investigation to determine whether Jaye should remain in the Senate.
During the investigation, the Senate investigation committee became aware of "a recurring pattern of personal misconduct," complaints from staff of Jaye's verbal abuse towards them; and of naked female photos Jaye had on his Senate-issued laptop computer.

Jaye hearing takes break to give lawyers more time

Ludington Daily News
May 17, 2001
Lansing, Mich. [AP] - An investigation over whether Sen. David Jaye should be expelled from the Senate is taking a breather until Tuesday to give defense attorneys time to go over documents that surfaced this week.

The secretary of the Senate on Wednesday handed over filed to Jaye that she said contained numerous complaints about Jaye's mistreatment of members of her staff.

But Jaye's attorney said the records also could be used to provide positive testimony about the senator and to undermine arguments he should be expelled.

Jaye referred to the documents as "secret files" and accused Senate Majority Leader Dan DeGrow of withholding the records, having his phone calls monitored and copying files from his laptop computer without his knowledge.

"I never gave permission to the Senate computer department to keep a permanent record of my laptop files," Jaye said in a statement. "It's frightening to know that...state employees' private letters, Valentines's Day cards and private photos on state-owned property can be used against them."

Jaye, 43, is under investigation by a Senate committee for a series of drunken driving convictions, allegations that he hit his fiancee and "a recurring pattern of personal misconduct," including having six photos of his topless fiancee on his laptop computer.

The six-member, bipartisan committee is considering a resolution to expel Jaye, an action that would require 26 votes in the 38-member Senate. It also could recommend the Republican from Macomb County's Washington Township be censured or reprimanded.

A spokesman for DeGrow denied the Port Huron Republican had ever done anything wrong.

"I don't know where this charge of withholding evidence is coming from, because we have turned over everything that could possibly be related" to jaye, Aaron Keesler said.

Michigan senator condemns probe, cites 'Gestapo' tactics

The Blade
Toledo, Ohio
Associated Press
May 13, 2001

Sterling Heights, Mich. - Embattled state Sen. David Jaye lambasted a six-member Senate panel investigating his conduct and said yesterday that a pair of his fellow Senate Republicans are using "KGB, Gestapo-style tactics in their investigation."

The panel is meeting in Lansing to determine whether Mr. jaye should be expelled from office. The Macomb County Republican is accused of breaking the law, verbally abusing Senate staff members, and violating Senate rules.

Mr. Jaye singled out Sen. Thaddeus McCotter [R - Livonia], the committee's chairman, and Majority Leader Dan DeGrow of Port Huron, who has recommended expulsion for Mr. Jaye. Mr. DeGrow is not on the panel. "Obviously these senators have a personal problem with me," Mr. Jaye said at a news conference. "This committeee will only allow witnesses to testify about negative claims against me."

Attorneys have wrapped up their case for Mr. Jaye's expulsion.

In Wednesday night testimony, Carol Viventi, secretary of the Senate, said she found about 10 pictures on Mr. Jaye's laptop computer where a woman was topless or scantily clad in public places with men. One of Mr. Jaye's attorneys identified the woman pictured as Mr. Jayee's fiancee, Sonia Kloss.

"It is an outrage that McCotter would even allow private files and private photographs as evidence into the committee record," Mr. Jaye said. "I bet just about every legislator has hard-core porn on their laptop."

Mr. Jaye said he doesn't know how the photographs got on his laptop.

A Macomb County official said Friday that county probation officials expect to ask a judge tomorrow that Mr. Jaye's probation for drunken driving be revoked, based on allegations of assaults against his fiancee. No hearing will be requested until after the Senate hearings conclude.

The bipartisan committee looking into Mr. Jaye's behavior is considering a resolution that cites Mr. Jaye's series of drunken-driving convictions, a pending domestic battery charge in Florida, and what it termed "a recurring pattern of personal misconduct."

Panel to meet Tuesday on ousting state senator
The Blade
Toledo, Ohio
May 4, 2001

Lansing - A special committee investigating Sen. David Jaye said yesterday it will begin hearing arguments next week on whether to oust the controversial Republican from the Senate, despite pleas for more time from Mr. Jaye's attorneys.

The committee plans to meet Tuesday after the Senate's 10 a.m. session. It defeated, on a 3-3 tie vote, a Democratic move to delay the next hearing until Thursday.

A resolution was released Tuesday listing the reasons to expel Mr. Jaye of Macomb County's Washington Township.

It included three misdemeanor drunken driving convictions, his April arrest in Florida on domestic battery charges, "a pattern of verbal abuse," against Senate staff members, and having a sexually explicit photo of his fiancee on his Senate-owned laptop computer where Senate staff members could see it.

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