Sunday, July 7, 2002

Officer Tim Nixon - State Conservation - Hastings


July 12, 2002 •• 324 words •• ID: 0207120505. Detroit Free Press.

A top-ranking state conservation officer is on indefinite paid leave from his job following his arrest Sunday on a charge of domestic violence. Capt. Tim Nixon, 39, of Hastings was taken into custody and released after an altercation with his wife at a residence, which is not their own, near New Buffalo in southwest Michigan, according to police. Nixon was arraigned on a first offense Wednesday in 5th District Court in St. Joseph. Nixon could not be reached for comment. Berrien

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Anonymous said...

We would like to thank you and those involved with this project for a worthy and noble cause. Second we are hoping that you and what you represent, will not continuing or allow the abuse of some Law Enforcement Officer’s and Prosecutors in this case to continue, and will stand up for what is right in this particular case for us (the Tim Nixon family and others who know the truth).
I am referencing the case on the MI OIDV case and your blog sight about the incident involving Timothy (Tim) C. Nixon. Tim, whom at the time of the incident was a Captain with the MI DNR and he was “technically” arrested. However it was an unlawful arrest, or what we and the impartail court judge believe to be an illegal arrest, and deemed so finally by the judge. I believe we were all victims of a rogue officer, and by all I mean Tim first and foremost, myself, our family, and now his students, who brought these web-site blogs to our attention, and finally other victims on your site who were actually victims of Police Officers and Domestic Violence, not just an out of control on duty cop. See, by representing this as one and the same, those who know the true facts of this particular case, and have really looked at the testimony, and read the Hearing and Court Records, know that Tim and my Family are the real victims. The Cops made a complete false arrest and then tried to cover up their abuse against Tim. So much so that in the Preliminary hearing the Judge Dismissed the Case With Prejudice. Which means it could never again be prosecuted and it was a deemed a False Arrest and Prosecution by facto of dismissed with prejudice. My husband was the one who called the police due to some drunk under aged drinkers at a wedding and then saw a Police Car and although they drove right by him the first time as he was loading our van, he was able to flag them down as they started to pass the second time. I was on the front porch and could hear and see the entire chain of events. He started to tell the officers what occurred when the passenger cop got out and walked past him (he was a deputy) and the other Township Cop asked him if he had any weapons. My husband said I have my department issued gun locked in the car over there. The Cop then said put your hands behind you back you under arrest. My husband said I’m not going anywhere or doing anything, what’s your problem. The Cop then grabbed my Husband, bent him over, slammed him on the hood of his car, and said Your my Fucking Problem, now put your hands behind your back. Again my husband said No, Stop, I have done nothing wrong, I called you. The Cop then went to slam my husband down, and my husband put his hand out to help break his head from hitting the hood again, and then he said Ok, stop, and he put his hands behind his back. Because I saw what was going I, I got on my cell phone and called 911 and requested the MI State Police. My husbands case was later Dismissed with Prejudice (deemed a false arrest) and becuase of this has no arrest or arrest record. Finally the truth came out! One of his students recently googled his name we believe looking for any shootings or other arrests he may have been involved in honorably on duty. This of course embarrassed him, but I think embarrassed me and our family as much, or more, and shocked his students. This is the real reason Tim, I, our family hope you remove his name from your blogs and web-sites. Thank you for your time, the Nixon family.