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In June 2003, Wayland Firefighter Matthew Cook pled guilty to threatening his ex-girlfriend with a knife during a domestic assault. Cook was placed on probation and allowed to keep his job as a firefighter with the city of Wayland.

On February 23, 2004, while Firefighter Cook was still on probation for the 2003 domestic violence assault, he was caught downloading child pornography on a Wayland Fire Department computer. He was fired from the Wayland FD,  and sentenced to 120 days in jail and 3 years probation.

On April 01, 2004, former Firefighter Cook sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend. He was tried and sentenced for the crimes in 2008. Cook, "...engaged in a prolonged pattern of sexual abuse, which routinely involved choking complainant, pulling her hair, and subjecting her to abusive language, well supported the conclusion that defendant had treated complainant with conduct "designed to substantially increase the fear and anxiety," or subjecting her to "extreme or prolonged . . . humiliation . . . inflicted to produce suffering or for the offender’s gratification...That a knife threat eventually capped this campaign of intimidation and humiliation ..."

On March 01, 2008, former firefighter Matthew Cook was arrested for seeking the assistance of a prostitute in finding him a young girl. Cook also wanted the prostitute to hold the young girl down while he raped her.

FIREFIGHTER MATTHEW COOK. March 01, 2007: Child pornography.

Matthew Cook appeals possible life sentence
By Advance Newspapers

December 21, 2009, 11:27AM

Court of Appeals has ruled for Cook’s resentencing. Cook is currently in prison after attempting to hire a Grand Rapids prostitute to bring him a child between the ages of 10 and 12, for sexual purposes.

Cook pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit first-degree criminal sexual conduct and attempting to procure and act of gross indecency between a male and female.

According to the Court of Appeals, Cook was sentenced as a “sexually delinquent person,” for seven years to life on the gross indecency conviction and as a second habitual offender, to a concurrent prison sentence of three to five years for the solicitation conviction. He was sentenced for the March 1, 2008 offense on Aug. 28, 2008.

On Dec. 10, the State of Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Cook’s resentencing because of errors in procedural requirements regarding Cook’s sexual delinquency determination.

A former Wayland volunteer firefighter, Cook served jail time for using a computer at the city’s Public Safety Building to access child sexually abusive material on the Internet.

Cook also has three active prison sentences for Allegan County CSC offenses committed on April 1, 2004, for which he was sentenced on April 4, 2008 after a jury trial. He is serving up to 10 years for CSC assault with intent to commit sexual penetration, up to 15 years for CSC 3rd degree (force or coercion) and up 15 years for CSC 3rd degree (force or coercion).

Volunteer firefighter charged with child pornography
March 16, 2004, 5:57 p.m.
... Cook, a volunteer firefighter in Wayland, turned himself into police on Tuesday, was charged in court, and later returned home.... Cook said very little as he was charged in court.

His ex-girlfriend was there to watch and told 24 Hour News 8 she knew about the problem for a long time and hoped Cook would get help. She said Cook knew what he was doing was wrong....

We also learned that Cook is currently on probation for a domestic violence charge he pled guilty to in June in Ottawa County. If convicted on these latest felony charges, he could face additional jail time for violating his probation.

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