Monday, November 10, 2003

Officer David Gronin - Reinstated - Southgate PD

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Officer reinstated to job
November 12, 2003
By Andrea Blum,
The News-Herald

SOUTHGATE -- A former police officer is back on the force.

David Grondin resumed his duties as a police officer after winning an arbitration dispute with the city.

He was fired from the department March 27 after working there for three years. Grondin was let go for insubordination stemming from several department issues, in addition to a domestic assault involving his ex-wife and another man, police said.

The union asked to take the matter to arbitration. The three-day hearing wrapped up Friday, with Grondin getting his job back on a probationary period.

"It was a negotiated settlement between the union and the city," Police Chief Larry Hall said. "He has been reassigned to a shift and is returning to work."

Grondin maintained that he was fired unfairly and fought to return to his job. "I'm happy to be back and to be given a second chance," he said.

The settlement reinstates Grondin without any back pay or back benefits. It also places him on probation for another year.

"With the grievant wanting to come back to work in the city, it was decided that a year off without pay was a significant sanction," City Attorney Wallace Long said. "The city is agreeing to go forward on this trial basis with him being on probation."

Arbitrator Mario Chiesa helped the two sides negotiate. "Discussions ranged all over the place as to what had occurred," Long added. "It's fair to say that after a long and healthy airing of all the issues surrounding his conduct, both parties thought it was in the best interest to resolve it in this fashion."

Police beat

Published: Sunday, May 25, 2003
The News-Herald

Former officer gets probation in assault

SOUTHGATE - A former city police officer was sentenced May 15 on two assault charges.

David Grondin will spend a year on probation for an altercation with his ex-wife and another man in November.

Grondin, 29, also must attend classes on anger management and domestic violence as a result of the incident, as well as pay a $1,000 fine.

He is allowed no contact with the two others involved or their families.

If he meets all of those conditions, after a year the charges will be expunged from his record, as he is a first-time offender.

He pleaded no contest to both counts during a trial May 1 in 27th District Court, Division I, in Wyandotte.

Grondin was arrested by Riverview police inside the Southgate Police Department on Nov. 15 and charged with one count of domestic assault and one count of assault and battery.

He was fired from the department March 27 after working there for three years.

Since then, he has sought employment with the reservation police in Sault Ste. Marie.

A circuit court order prohibits Grondin from carrying a gun, but he is challenging that order.

Grondin was fired due to several internal department issues, according to Police Chief Larry Hall, in addition to the assault incident.

The union has asked to take the matter to arbitration.

"Its not a case where the arbitrator would exonerate him," Hall said. "They will look at if the action of the city was proportionate and equitable given the charges."

He said the matter likely wouldnt go to arbitration sooner than November.