Sunday, August 1, 2004

Deputy Justin Revnell - Grand Traverse SD

Grand Traverse County Sheriff Department, Detective Justin Revnell [nephew of Grand Traverse County Sheriff Scott Fewins], allegedly pushed his ex-girlfriend during an altercation on December 30, 2004. During an interview with the Michigan State Police, the victim told the police of another domestic violence altercation that had taken place a few months prior.

During the previous  altercation [August or September of 2004], the victim claimed that Detective Revnell had put her in a head lock, knocked her feet out from under her, bent her arm back and pushed her face down into the floor. Misdemeanor domestic violence charges were filed on this incident in January 2005.



Detective to be charged with assault
Sheriff's nephew admits drinking, denies attack
Traverse City Record Eagle, MI
January 11, 2005
Record-Eagle staff writer

TRAVERSE CITY - A Grand Traverse County detective who's also the nephew of Sheriff Scott Fewins faces criminal charges for allegedly assaulting a woman while intoxicated.

Justin Revnell, 26, a police liaison officer at Traverse City West Junior High, is charged with one count of domestic assault, a misdemeanor punishable up to 93 days in jail.

"He could be arraigned as early as Wednesday," said county Prosecutor Alan Schneider.

Fewins said he was contacted by the prosecutor's office on Monday and immediately placed Revnell on indefinite paid, administrative leave.

Fewins said his nephew has admitted to drinking in excess at times, but denied the assault claims.

An internal investigation likely will be conducted by the head of the detective's bureau. A complaint taken by the Michigan State Police states that Revnell's former girlfriend told officers the two had an altercation early Dec. 30. Revnell allegedly shoved her to the ground after she confronted him about his alcohol use.

The woman told police she arrived at the couple's Barney Road home that night just after midnight, but couldn't find Revnell, according to a police report.

Later, she said she found Revnell, 26, drinking at a Long Lake Township bar and offered to drive him home, but he refused. Revnell later contacted her by phone and told her he was driving home but didn't want to talk, the report stated.

After he arrived, the woman attempted to talk to Revnell about his drinking before he allegedly grabbed her and threw her to the ground, she told police.

The woman called 911 and left the house before being interviewed by troopers at the county jail. At 5:20 a.m. on Dec. 30, police contacted Revnell at his home. Revnell denied he had a verbal argument or assaulted the woman, and stated she was having "difficulty with the relationship ending."

Revnell did not return messages left for him at West Junior High.

During the interview on Dec. 30, Revnell also allegedly denied to officers that he had an alcohol problem and that he hadn't been intoxicated during the incident. But a breath test performed on Revnell just before 6 a.m. found his blood-alcohol to be .08, the state's legal limit for public intoxication.

The woman also told police that Revnell allegedly assaulted her three to four months ago when he put her in a "head lock" before knocking her feet out from underneath her. He also allegedly bent her arm behind her back and pushed her face down into the floor.

Fewins said Revnell was placed on administrative leave around noon on Monday. "Whenever someone is put on leave, I take their ID, weapon, and we take them home. Being out on leave is normally not too long before it would realize reinstatement or suspension," he said.

Fewins said the girlfriend contacted him three times since the incident and told him she never considered herself a victim and would not testify or make a complaint.

"We were awaiting what the prosecutor would do and I did not anticipate the prosecutor would file a complaint," said Fewins, who said he did not try to sway the victim from pursuing charges.

According to a report, the woman told police Revnell often drove intoxicated and that drinking was affecting his life and prompting him to call in sick for work.

"Obviously, this is not a good day for the sheriff personally and for the whole department," saidFewins. "It is not the kind of thing I like to see happen, but it needs to be brought out. It will work out. I have faith in the court system."

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