Sunday, October 24, 2004

Deputy Benjamin Valley - Osceola SD

On the weekend of October 16th, an "alleged incident" occured between Osceola County Sheriff Deputy Benjamin Valley and his girlfriend.....

The weekend of October 23rd, Deputy Valley's girlfriend did not want to see him, due to the "incident" that had occured the previous weekend. Deputy Valley was arrested on October 25th, after he was caught watching his girlfriend's house. Valley was charged with felony stalking; possession of a firearm with unlawful intent and felony firearm. 

Part-time deputy arrested
Cadillac News
Oct 28, 2004

BIG RAPIDS - A 22-year-old part-time Osceola County Sheriff's Department deputy was arrested on charges of felony stalking, possession of a firearm with unlawful intent and felony firearm.

Benjamin Wayne Valley of Tustin was arrested Monday by Big Rapids Department of Public Safety after Valley was reportedly watching his ex-girlfriend's apartment on Morrison Street.

According to a Big Rapids press release, Valley traveled to Big Rapids to contact his ex-girlfriend. However, she did not want to see him due to an alleged incident that occurred the weekend before.

The incident is still under investigation and Valley will be removed from the department's roster.


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