Tuesday, December 21, 2004

MSP Trooper Richard Dettling - Houghton Lake Post

Michigan State Trooper Richard Dettling was charged with aggravated domestic violence.

Pushing incident results in charges against trooper
The Houghton Lake Resorter
January 13, 2005

A Michigan State Police trooper from the Houghton Lake post was arraigned in 83rd District Court Jan. 6 on one count of aggravated domestic violence.

Clare County Prosecutor Norman Gage was appointed to review the case and authorized the warrant on the misdemeanor.

Richard R. Dettling, 29, Houghton Lake, is accused of pushing his girlfriend and her friend in an early morning incident Dec. 21, 2004, at the girlfriend's Denton Township residence.

According to her statement in a Roscommon County Sheriff's report, the girlfriend said Dettling arrived at her home at about 3:15 a.m. "very intoxicated." She said he asked her if she wanted to talk, but then "went to the floor." Thinking he was asleep, the women laughed at his behavior, she said.

He got up and went to another room, she said, and when he came out he was agitated. She said he pushed her into the wall and when she regained her balance he did it again, uttering derogatory remarks. He demanded his coat, she said, which her friend gave him, and he threw her as well.

After she told her friend to call 911, she said in the report, Dettling sat in a chair and said, "I'll wait here."

When questioned by deputies, Dettling said he was attempting to put his boots on to leave and when his girlfriend approached him pulling and pushing him he pushed her away and when her friend gave him his coat he pushed her away. However, he declined to speak further when questioned separately outside the home.

According to the report, the girlfriend complained of a sore right elbow, but refused medical treatment; the other victim had no visible marks. A few days after the incidentthe two women requested any charges be dropped.

Dettling appeared in 83rd District Court and was released on $2,000 personal recognizance bond. 1st Lt. Patrick Boyd, commander of the Houghton Lake post, said there will be an internal affairs investigation conducted by the Michigan State Police. At this time, the trooper has no restrictions in his work duties.

Regional policing plan adds troops to Post

At midnight on Oct. 30, the new regional policing plan adopted by the Michigan State Police was in full effect, including changes at the Houghton Lake Post.

On Oct. 16, the area covered by the Houghton Lake State Police Post (now known as Post 72) expanded from Roscommon and Crawford counties to include Missaukee and Kalkaska counties. The former Kalkaska Post is now a detachment of Post 72.

Manpower at the Houghton Lake Post now includes Post Commander 1st Lt. David Street, five uniform sergeants, two detective sergeants, 24 troopers and one motor carrier officer. Former Houghton Lake troopers Michael Vranish, Janice Watson and Richard Dettling were assigned to other posts, as well as Sgt. Kraig Britvec, who now works at the West Branch Post.

Six troopers and two sergeants transferred out of the former Kalkaska Post, and 11 troopers, two uniformed sergeants and a detective sergeant have been re-assigned to the Houghton Lake Post. Street said that two more uniformed sergeants are due to be assigned to Houghton Lake “within the next few months.”

“This whole process has really gone very smoothly,” said Street, whose Houghton Lake Post is one of 29 posts left in the state after the reorganization. “With the cooperation of our agency, we expect to provide enhanced service,” he said, adding that four of the six uniformed sergeants assigned to the post will be road sergeants who can “lend experience to investigations.”

“I think we’ll be able to demonstrate this regional policing plan will be effective,” said Street, “we’re doing this to be more effective as an agency. The key is for everyone to remember that it takes time to make these kind of changes. We just have to be patient and it will all work out. If we have to modify part of the plan, we’ll do so.”


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