Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Former Officer Ronell Weatherspoon - Buena Vista PD


April 08 2006: Officer Ronell Weatherspoon, Buena Vista Police Department.

Michigan Police Nab Naked Fugitive
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November 07, 2007

PONTIAC, Mich. --A parol violator, trying to escape approaching officers, jumped naked from a residence on West Rundell Street near Baldwin Road and eluded police dogs before his final capture Tuesday, police said.

According to police, Kevin Demarco Weatherspoon fled the apartment as it was approached by officers from the Tri-County Sheriff's Parole Absconder Unit.

Weatherspoon had violated his parole stemming from an assault conviction.

He also has a felony warrant against him from the Auburn Hills Police Department for an alleged carjacking.

After Weatherspoon's initial escape, police said, the 26-year-old nude fugitive eventually eluded police dogs who were tracking him in the surrounding streets.

Weatherspoon was eventually arrested in the first block of Hudson Street. By the time cops put the cuffs on him, Weatherspoon had found some clothes.


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