Thursday, November 8, 2007

Officer Phillip Bal - LE license revoked - Iron Mountain PD

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On November 08, 2007 the State of Michigan revoked former Officer Phillip Bal's law enforcement license.
Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
Commission Meeting Minutes November 8, 2007
Southwest District Public Safety Building Detroit, Michigan

Commission Revocations – The Commission was provided with a link to review the certified record and the “Proposal for Decisions” (PFD) from Administrative Law Judge Michael Zimmer from three hearings, held on the October 2, 2007. Mr. Furtaw presented the following cases recommending the Commission consider the proofs, finding of facts, and conclusions of law found in the “Proposals for Decision” issued by Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Michael Zimmer.

Phillip G. Bal – Mr. Bal was convicted of first degree criminal sexual conduct by jury and is currently serving a prison term of 11 to 20 years. The conviction occurred on or about May 24, 2007, in Dickinson County.

A MOTION was made by Sheriff Bosscher and supported by Mr. Morse to accept the Proposal for Decision of the Administrative Law Judge and revoke the law enforcement license of Mr. Phillip Bal.

A VOTE was taken. The MOTION carried.

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