Monday, August 11, 2008

Officer Mark Sigler - Sentenced - Litchfield PD

Litchfield officer gets deferred sentence
By Don Reid, GateHouse News Service
Hillsdale Daily News
Posted Aug 11, 2008 @ 02:59 PM

Litchfield, Mich. — Former Litchfield Police Department Officer Mark James Sigler was placed on a deferred sentence by Hillsdale County District Court Judge Donald L. Sanderson last week, after he pleaded no contest to domestic violence. He also paid a ticket for an expired license plate in the plea bargain.

Sigler was given the option of having the plea taken under advisement. The sentence was “deferred under the statutes,” and will be dismissed if he fulfills the conditions of probation.

Judge Sanderson said the information in his case was confidential, as Sigler will probably walk away with no sentence.
Judge Sanderson declined comment and urged the paper not to publish a story on the case.

LPD Chief Steve Marson said Sigler, 24, of Reading, resigned his position on the LPD, after Chief Marson suspended him without pay for four weeks following a March 15 incident, court reports indicate.

Katurah Miller called 911 after she and Sigler became involved in an argument at 206 Southfield B2 in the evening, court documents said.

Chief Marson was informed by his officer on duty and, according to Hillsdale County Dispatch records, he asked the Michigan State Police to conduct the investigation and answer the call to allay any issues of bias.

Miller said Sigler “flicked me in the face” with his hand then pinned me against a sliding glass door. The statement also said he grabbed her by the face. During the altercation, she suffered a bloody nose.

That night Sigler was transported to the Branch County Jail by MSP, where he was booked and released on bond.

A no-contact order was issued warning Sigler not to contact her but she contacted the court the next day to request the order be removed.


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