Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Officer Edward Williams - Suicide - Detroit PD

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Officer Edward Williams, Detroit PD: Murder of Officer Patricia Williams. September 22, 2009

At approximately 8:57 am, on September 22, 2009, Officer Patricia Williams [Detroit PD] was enroute to the Canton Police Department to report the domestic violence assaults she had been subjected to over the weekend from her husband / Officer Edward Williams [Detroit PD]....

Officer Edward Williams, Detroit PD
....However, Patricia's husband had other plans. He had given the Canton PD and Detroit PD clues to his dangerous intentions two days prior, in a "NOT QUITE A SUICIDE NOTE"....

Officer Patricia Williams, Detroit Police Department

....At 9:16 am [19 minutes after the Canton PD recieved a call informing them that Officer Patricia Williams was enroute to file a domestic violence complaint against Officer Edward Williams], the Canton PD received 911 calls from people reporting "Shots fired" in the Canton Library parking lot....

....Officer Edward Williams had shot and killed Patricia....and then he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. "NOT QUITE A SUICIDE NOTE"??????



What is......


Michigan Officer Involved Domestic Violence

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Anonymous said...

I remember this officer and he was a dirty cop! A thief who abused his authority because he had a badge! He's the type of cop who give the HONEST cops a bad name. It's tragic he was such a punk who took this woman's life. My prayers are with her family,and I hope that he's burning in hell for the wrong doings he has committed towards his ex-wife and the numerous victims that he,and DPD have swept under the rug!