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Sam Riddle - Sentenced - State Rep Mary Waters

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Sam Riddle's arrest and trial for domestic violence assault on former Michigan State Representative Mary Waters [December 21, 2009]:

Riddle Loses Appeal Over Assault, Gun Convictions
Updated: Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011, 11:01 AM EST
Published : Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011, 11:01 AM EST
FOX TV News, Detroit

Sam Riddle appears in court for sentencing on May 27, 2010. (Credit:

DETROIT - The Michigan appeals court has upheld the convictions of Sam Riddle, a Detroit political consultant who pulled out a shotgun when his companion found him in bed with another woman.

The appeals court said Wednesday that a rational person encountering Riddle would have believed his conduct was hostile.

Riddle was convicted of felonious assault and a gun crime last year. His companion at the time, Mary Waters, called police after discovering him in bed with another woman. Riddle pulled out a shotgun and racked it, although Waters testified that she didn't believe the gun was loaded.

The appeals court says a lack of fear doesn't erase an assault. Riddle's two-year prison sentence is being served at the same time as his 37-month federal sentence for corruption.

05.28.2010 07.15 am
Detroit Online

Sam Riddle has been sentenced to two years in prison in an assault case involving a shotgun and his companion.

Riddle got his punishment Thursday in Wayne County Circuit Court. He had been found guilty of pulling out a shotgun when his live-in companion, Mary Waters, found him in bed with another woman in December.

Judge Gregory Bill ordered two years in prison for the gun crime and probation for the assault.

Riddle is in federal custody and hopes to stay there to serve his state sentence. He surrendered to U.S. marshals Tuesday to get a head start on a sentence for corruption.

Riddle pleaded guilty to conspiracy last week and faces up to 37 months in prison when he gets his sentence in August.

Although Wayne County Circuit Judge Gregory Bill remanded the controversial political consultant to the custody of the Wayne County Sheriff and the Michigan Department of Corrections, just where Riddle will serve his time remains undecided.

"It is our hope that he will go into the federal system," said Richard Convertino, Riddle's lawyer in federal court, where he faces sentencing for corruption charges for which he pleaded guilty last week.

Sentencing in that case is set for August, but Riddle, 63, turned himself in on Tuesday to U.S. Marshalls. Riddle was returned today to the custody of federal authorities who have kept him in the St. Clair County Jail. The arrangement caused confusion and the postponement of Riddle's planned sentencing on the assault and gun charge in Wayne County on Wednesday.

Today, Bill gave Riddle the mandatory sentence for using a firearm in the commission of a felony crime. Riddle also was given three years probation for assault. Riddle's conviction on the charges stemmed from an incident before Christmas in which Waters found Riddle in her bed with another woman.

Bill eased the way for federal authorities to take Riddle by ruling that the gun charge can be served concurrently with any sentence he receives in federal court in his corruption plea. Under state law, the two-year gun violation sentence must be served before any other sentences given under state statute. Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Rebecca Camargo also said her office has no objection to Bill's ruling or to Riddle serving his time in federal custody.

During his sentencing, Riddle told the judge that he takes full responsibility for his actions, "the shame and the blame for it." He said he has tried to do good things in his life, and he plans to return to Detroit after he is released from prison.

"I will fight for a better Detroit. I will champion peace over violence," said Riddle who has developed a large following for his bold comments on Internet social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. "I could have railed against the system being up against a brother, but I'm not."

Waters, who is Riddle's co-defendant in one of his federal cases, and Riddle's minister, the Rev. Horace Sheffield, also made statements in court about the good Riddle has done in Detroit.

"I do sit here today as a victim, but not of Sam Riddle, but of the system," said Waters who added that she never wanted Riddle charged with a crime. "When I made that 911 call that day, I did it for Sam. We both were under a great deal of pressure. ... Oh, I was mad, but I wanted to get counseling for Sam, for his drinking."

Waters asked the judge to consider any "loophole" that might allow Riddle to remain free. But Sheffield said he understood the judge was bound by the law to give Riddle the two-year mandatory sentenced.

"I want Sam to be encouraged. That's why I am here," said Sheffield, who also said he was Riddle's Alcoholic's Anonymous sponsor. "I know he struggled with alcohol. The chemical has more power over you then your will."

Last week, Riddle pleaded guilty in front of U.S. District Judge Marianne O. Battani to a federal conspiracy charge that will send him to prison for up to 37 months. As part of his plea, Riddle admitted bribing former Southfield City Councilman William Lattimore in connection with a pawn shop relocation, extorting businesses when he worked as a top aide to former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, and evading federal taxes on his ill-gotten gains.

When his first federal trial on Detroit corruption charges ended with a hung jury, Riddle said he had planned to continue to fight. But he changed his mind after his conviction in the assault case.

Waters, whom Riddle had been ordered to stay away from while the domestic assault issue was pending, said after the sentencing today that she will be taking over Riddle's popular Facebook pages on which he has more than 8,000 followers.

"I will be trying to keep Sam's many friends up to date on where he is and what's going on," Waters said.

Sam Riddle sentenced to 2 years in prison for gun conviction; 3 years probation for assault
Posted: 05/27/2010
By: Michael Rosenfield
WXYZ TV News, Detroit

Sam Riddle Addresses the Court at his sentencing hearing.

Former State Representative Mary Waters testifies at Sam Riddle's sentencing hearing.

Former State Representative Mary Waters testifies at Sam Riddle's sentencing hearing.

Sam Riddle

Sam Riddle

Former State Representative Mary Waters breaks down during her testimony during Sam Riddle's sentencing hearing.

Sam Riddle is taken into custody after his sentencing hearing.

Sam Riddle is taken into custody after his sentencing hearing.

Former State Representative Mary Waters informs the media, after the sentencing hearing, that she still considers Sam Riddle her friend.

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Political consultant Sam Riddle was sentenced Thursday to the mandatory 2 years for a firearms conviction. He also received 3 years probation for assault.

A Wayne County jury convicted Riddle three weeks ago of assaulting long-time companion and former state representative Mary Waters and pointing a shotgun at her after she walked in on him in bed with another woman in December.

Riddle told the judge he takes full responsibility for his actions.

Waters was also allowed to address the court. She said she was never a battered woman. Rather, she says she was a victim of the Wayne County Prosecutor because she never wanted felony charges filed. She says she only called 911 the day of the crime to get Riddle help for his drinking.

Riddle will serve the time concurrently with the sentence he will receive in August in connection with a federal bribary and corruption case. He faces up to 37 months after reaching a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

Riddle turned himself in to federal authorities earlier this week to ensure he would serve his prison time in a federal prison rather than a state prison because he was in their custody first.

Riddle today could have received up to 17 months behind bars on the assault charge.

Michigan Officer Involved Domestic Violence

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