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Thank you Trooper Travis Peterson [Traverse City Post]

On September 18, 2012, "someone" left a comment slamming Trooper Travis [see comments below].  Gee, I wonder who Annoymous could be [rolling my eyes here].

On November 29, 2012 someone left a very threatening post to Trooper Peterson [see below]. They of course didn't have the balls to sign their name. Here is the poster's IP address and location.


On June 01, 2011 Trooper Peterson answered an officer involved domestic violence call at the home of Deputy Kipp Needham [Grand Traverse SD].
When Trooper arrived at the domestic, he found Deputy Needham to be intoxicated...combative...and in possession of a firearm.

In protecting the OIDV victim, Trooper Peterston was punched and choked by Deputy Needham.

Deputy Needham was originally charged with assaulting, resisting or obstructing a polcie officer causing injury [a felony], possessing a firearm while intoxicated, and 2 counts of domestic violence.

This is how the Traverse County Prosecutor thanked Trooper Peterson for risking his life to save a victim of OIDV: the prosecutor dropped Deputy Needham's attack on Trooper Peterson down to a misdemeanor attempted resisting & obstructing a police officer. The Prosecutor dropped all the other charges against Deputy Needham.

Here is Trooper Travis Peterson's incredible victim impact statement that he read at Needham's sentencing:

“My name is Travis Peterson, and I am a member of the Michigan State Police Trooper’s Association. I am here today to address the court, not in my capacity as a trooper with the Michigan State Police, but as the victim of a violent assault and battery committed by the defendant. I have many valid concerns and fears. I take no pleasure in my duty to stand before this court, but I feel this whole incident has been minimized. I am not here to drive a wedge between the Michigan State Police and the Grand Traverse County Sheriff Department.

“I have nothing but the highest respect for the deputies that I interact with on a daily basis.

“On the early dark morning hours of June 1, 2010, while my partner, Tpr. Richards and I were performing the lawful duties of Michigan State Police Troopers, the defendant confronted us with his duty-issued loaded and cocked pistol. The defendant only dropped the pistol due to his intoxication. The defendant then punched me in the face, choked me with his hands, all the while berating me and the Michigan State Police. The defendant yelled, ‘I’m going to fu-----kill you!’ as he choked me. I was forced to take action that saved my life and potentially could have cost the defendant his life that horrific morning. My wife and two young children almost lost their husband and father due to the actions of the intoxicated defendant.

“I received minor physical injuries that have since healed (a laceration to my right hand, a laceration to my mouth and red strangulation marks to my neck). I will forever carry the many complicated emotions that accompany almost losing my life and having to defend my life with a deadly force response, all of this against a sworn police officer.

“I was satisfied with the charges the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office originally authorized against the defendant in this case. I did not object when the prosecutor decided to reduce the charges to misdemeanors, but I made it clear I did not want the defendant to have the possibility of retaining his job as a law-enforcement officer. It is obvious my request was not honored as I was made aware of the plea offer and agreement through the media.

“I realize the defendant was formerly a well-respected member of the law-enforcement community, and he at one time had the trust of the community he swore to protect and serve. Due to his drunken and violent actions, the defendant lost all the respect he gained over his 12 years of public service.

“The defendant has failed to accept full responsibility for his drunken/violent actions and has even gone as far as to claim temporary mental insanity. Tpr. Richards and I were there. Tpr. Richards and I were threatened with a loaded and cocked pistol. I was violently punched in the face and choked by the defendant. Tpr. Richards and I know the facts of this case, and his defense only shows his failure to accept responsibility.

“I stand before this court today hoping the defendant will accept full responsibility for his drunken/violent actions on June 1, 2010. I also respectfully request that you, Judge Haley, help me protect my family and myself from the defendant.

“If the defendant chooses to surrender his badge and resign from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff Department, I would fully support a decision to sentence him to probation with the appropriate conditions to include: The defendant is not permitted to possess a firearm, and the defendant is not permitted to have any contact with me or Tpr. Richards. But if the defendant denies responsibility, I would respectfully request the court sentence him to the maximum jail time allowed under this plea agreement.

“My greatest concern is the defendant will retain his position as a deputy with the Grand Traverse County Sheriff Department and possibly be sent as Tpr. Richards’ or my backup to a critical incident. It is not fair to ask Tpr. Richards or me to put our lives in the hands of the defendant who attempted to end them. Due to his own actions, the defendant no longer has our trust or respect.

Post on Deputy Kipp Needham's OIDV:

Michigan Officer Involved Domestic Violence


Behind The Blue Wall said...

I've never seen anything like this before and am amazed. Right is right. What a strong voice.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Trooper Peterson stated that was because he was afraid of getting sued for excessive force. He has been known to be heavy handed and a hot head. I think he made the story up about the gun to protect himself from getting sued. He should not be a cop.

survivor said...

The above poster of the last comment / Anonymous is: IP I wonder if that is Kip?

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