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Deputy Matthew Linsenbigler - Dickinson SD

Case involving alleged child abuse settled without trial
Posted: 10.11.2012 at 1:57 PM

DICKINSON COUNTY -- A probate court case in Dickinson County involving a county sheriff's department deputy has been settled without a trial.

According to the county prosecutor Don Powell, the case against Matthew Linsenbigler and Kristin Punzel was settled with the Department of Human Services.

It had been alleged that one parent had caused harm to their then four-month-old child by shaking and failed to provide proper medical care. As part of the settlement, DHS dismissed the intentional harm allegation and dismissed Punzel from the case.

Linsenbigler entered a no contest admission on the failure to provide medical care, and in return, voluntarily terminated his parental rights.

Powell said there was no finding made by the judge that either of the parents intentionally harmed the child.


 Sheriff's Deputy and girlfriend in court for alleged child abuse
by Beth Cefalu
Posted: 08.01.2012 at 5:03 AM

IRON MOUNTAIN -- A Dickinson County Sheriff's deputy and his girlfriend were in court Tuesday in a case of alleged child abuse.

The defendants, Matthew Linsenbigler and Kristen Punzel, asked to allow their other child to come home, but Judge Schuppe denied the family's request.

The Department of Human Services alleges Linsenbigler and Punzel neglected or abused a four-month-old child by failing to provide medical attention. DHS officials say the four month old sustained head injuries caused by shaking.

Defense attorneys argue the brain bleeding was the result of rapid brain growth.

The prosecutor's office says there's not enough evidence to bring criminal charges. The case is being handled in probate court. A trial is scheduled for October. If found guilty, the defendants could lose their parental rights.

Linsenbigler will remain on leave from the Dickinson County Sheriff's office until the case is settled.


 Shaken Baby Hearing in Probate Court
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(IRONMOUNTAIN, MI.)--It was determined on Tuesday there is not enough evidence to file criminal charges against a sheriff's deputy and his girlfriend although they could lose parental rights. That determination in a Probate court hearing. The deputy, Mathew Linsenbigler and his girl friend, Kristen Punzel, according  to Department of Human Services, the child abuse occurred when they failed to provide medical care for a four month old infant who sustained head injuries, allegedly caused by the child being shaken. That led to brain bleeding according to DHS officials.leading to rapid brain growth. The matter is being heard in Probate Court and is to continue in October. Deputy Linsenbigler will remain on leave from the Dickinson County Sheriff's Department until the matter is resolved when a determination of his employment will then be decided.

Deputy suspended during child abuse investigation
by Beth Cefalu
Posted: 07.03.2012 at 5:44 AM

IRON MOUNTAIN -- The Michigan State Police from the Iron Mountain Post are investigating a case of alleged child abuse of a four month old by a Dickinson County Sheriff's deputy.

Thirty-three year old Deputy Matthew Linsenbigler of Kingsford is on leave from the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office.

According to court documents, the Michigan Department of Human Services states the four month old sustained head injuries caused by shaking. The case is currently being handled in probate court.

No criminal charges have been filed.

A pretrial conference in probate court has been scheduled for July 31 where attorneys will meet with the judge to go over evidence in the case.

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