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Deputy Thomas Romano Sauve Jr. - Sentenced - Macomb SD

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Deputy Thomas Romano Sauve Jr. charged with home invasion, stalking, unauthorized use of law enforcement computers, and domestic violence [March 03, 2011]



Deputy sentenced for stalking
By Frank DeFrank
Macomb Daily
Posted: Thursday, 07/12/12 12:01 am
Updated: Thursday, 07/12/12 09:13 am

A suspended Macomb County deputy sheriff was placed on two years’ probation Wednesday following his conviction for stalking and domestic violence, according to court records.

Thomas Sauve, 35, also was ordered to have no contact with the victim, a woman with whom the married deputy admitted he’d had an affair. Sauve still must deal with allegations he improperly used the Law Enforcement Information Network system as well as face internal discipline from the county sheriff.

Sauve was sentenced Wednesday by Macomb Circuit Judge Matthew Switalski, who presided over the deputy’s trial. Sauve initially faced a felony home invasion charge, which could have sent him to prison for up to five years. He was accused of climbing to the woman’s second-floor apartment and entering without permission while she was there with a male friend. But he was acquitted of that charge and convicted of the lesser misdemeanor offenses last May.

The deputy’s future employment with the Macomb County Sheriff Department is still to be determined. Sauve was suspended pending the resolution of the criminal charges. Now, he’ll face discipline procedures as outlined by the deputies’ collective bargaining agreement.

“Now that the sentencing aspect is over, we will move forward,” said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham. “He’s going to have an opportunity (for a discipline hearing). We’ll make our decision after that.”

Wickersham said the discipline to be meted out to Sauve could range from a suspension “up to and including discharge.”

Sauve went to work for the Macomb County Sheriff Department in 1999 as a corrections officer. He was sworn in as a deputy in 2003.

Jury to decide fate of suspended Macomb County deputy
By Jameson Cook
Posted: Wednesday, 05/23/12 12:01 am
Updated: Wednesday, 05/23/12 07:44 am

A Macomb County jury Wednesday will begin deliberating whether a suspended sheriff’s deputy stalked and assaulted his mistress, and illegally entered her apartment.

The jury trial of Thomas Sauve concluded Tuesday in Macomb County Circuit Court with prosecuting and defense attorneys arguing whether Sauve’s actions were criminal or over-reactions to the ugly, sometimes alcohol-influenced end to an illicit affair. Sauve admitted to repeatedly lying to his wife and his mistress.

“Divorce is drama, drinking is drama, dating is drama,” assistant Macomb prosecutor Betsy Mellos told jurors. “This we know is criminal. … Separate the drama from the elements of the crime.

“He’s a law enforcement officer in a position of power, and he broke the law himself.”

Sauve’s defense attorney, Kenneth Karam, called Sauve’s accuser, Amanda Sanchez Kolos, a liar, and that she was as much in the wrong as he was.

“To say one is better than the other in this tryst is news to me,” Karam told jurors.

Sauve testified: “I’m not on trial for lying. I’m not on trial for adultery.”

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