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Officer Deloma Stone - OIDV Victim - Detroit PD

I am posting this, because the Detroit Police Department has seemed to have  forgotten that Officer Deloma Stone is a victim of OIDV, at the hands of Officer James Moore.

Officer Deloma Stone has to work each day with the officer that punched her: A sad reminder of how police departments can't even protect an OIDV victim when she is one of their own.

In September, Detroit Police Officer James Moore assaulted his wife. Within 30 days of that assault, Moore assaulted his girlfriend: Officer Deloma Stone. 

Moore was not arrested for either assault. He was not charged with domestic violence. He was not even fired or suspended from the DPD.

Instead, the Detroit PD simply demoted Moore. That's all...

DPD commander demoted after domestic violence allegations
Posted: Oct 30, 2012 3:34 PM CDT
Updated: Oct 30, 2012 9:04 PM CDT
By Fox 2 News Staff

DETROIT (WJBK) -- The Detroit Police Department says they have demoted Commander James Moore two ranks to lieutenant. The move comes after Fox 2 reported that Moore was under investigation by internal affairs for two alleged domestic violence incidents.

Earlier this month, Fox 2's Ronnie Dahl explained that the incidents reportedly took place over a 30 day period and involved Detroit police officer Deloma Stone.

"Based on the seriousness of these allegations, his role as commander was compromised in the police department and in the community. Standards for appointees are higher than that of other ranking officers. There are consequences for any allegation of inappropriate behavior. We will investigate all reports of misconduct," Interim Chief of Police Chester Logan said in a statement.

"The chief's action is consistent with my desire to eliminate improper behavior in the police department and all City of Detroit departments," said Mayor Dave Bing. "Employee misconduct will not be tolerated."

Moore told Dahl by phone that he wasn't romantically involved with Stone and had done nothing wrong.

Dahl also reported that while the case was presented to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, there would be no criminal charges because Stone was not "cooperating with the investigation".

The mayor's office says Moore has been with the police department since 1978 and was elevated to the rank of commander in 2007.

Detroit Cop Beat Goes on as Inspector's Johnson Exposed
Posted: Oct 26, 2012 12:52 PM CDT
Updated: Oct 26, 2012 3:58 PM CDT
By Charlie LeDuff
FOX 2 News

DETROIT (WJBK) - Super cop Don Johnson - caught super-exposed?

Nobody can accuse the Detroit Police department these days of being anything less than transparent. After placing a call to the mayor's office, Inspector Don Johnson, commanding officer of the Homeland Security division, was suspended with pay pending the results of an Internal Affairs investigation. Police sources say Johnson apparently texted a female subordinate a snapshot of his "johnson."

We're also told the female subordinate is married but the photograph was found by her boyfriend, also a cop and also her subordinate.

Trying to get our hands around this one, we reached out to Johnson. He is on a pre-planned vacation, which is a regrettable stroke of coincidence seeing as the Worlld Series is in town this weekend.

So what in the world is going on in the Detroit Police Department? Remember earlier this month that Chief Ralph Godbee was forced to resign in a sex and text scandal of his own after a scorned female officer tweeted a photograph of herself with her lips wrapped around her service revolver? Godbee dispatched a group of undercover cops to track her down.

Godbee was in San Diego at the time attending a police convention. It was revealed that he was there canoodling with another woman who stayed in his room, which was paid for with money seized from Detroit drug dealers.

In a limp defense, Godbee insisted the room had two beds and the two never commingled. But according to reservation documents obtained under the Freedom of information act, Godbee booked a room with only one bed. According to city lawyers, Godbee has not turned in his receipts.

In a tidy bit of synchronicity, it happens that Inspector Johnson made the San Diego trip too. One can only imagine the late night bar scene at that hotel. Hot dog!

The whole scene is more shabby than an Eight-Mile motel room rented by the hour. Because this isn't even the SECOND sex scandal to hit the Motor City this week.

Consider Detroit Police Commander James Moore is also being investigated by Internal Affairs for punching a female officer, one of two domestic violence incidents between the two in a 30-day period.

Moore said he has done nothing wrong and denied that he and the female officer are romantically involved. After all the female officer lives at his Detroit home sure, but Moore lives with his wife and children in the suburbs!

Then consider that Third Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree was publicly reprimanded by the Michigan Supreme Court this week for texting a naked portrait of himself to a female bailiff.

When we showed the barrister the shower scene photograph of him in his birthday suit last April, Hizzoner crowed: "Hot Dog. Yep that's me. There's no shame in my game!"

Hot Dog, indeed!

No wonder we can't catch or convict criminals in Detroit. Our public officials are obviously distracted, carrying on like they're at a cocktail party at Larry Flynt's pleasure palace. Maybe it's time to put some shame in the game.

DPD commander being investigated by internal affairs
Posted: Oct 22, 2012 10:36 PM CDT
Updated: Oct 22, 2012 10:37 PM CDT
By Ronnie Dahl
FOX 2 News Reporter

DETROIT -- For several weeks, FOX 2 has learned the Detroit Police Department's Internal Affairs Division has been investigating the alleged actions of Commander James Moore. Within a 30 day period, he was reportedly involved in two domestic violence incidents with fellow female officer Deloma Stone.

"You may know more about that than I do at this point, but I will say to you that it will be dealt with," Mayor Dave Bing said.

According to internal affairs, Stone's young son called 911 in September and reported his mom had been assaulted by Moore outside a liquor store.

Not long afterwards, Detroit police were called to a home on Strathmoor on the city's west side. It's owned by Moore, but Stone was living there at the time. She told dispatchers she was having problems with her partner. When cops arrived, Moore was already gone.

Bing was asked about the incident during a press conference Monday.

"We've had issues in our police department with these kind of relationships, and it's not something that we accept," he said.

Bing pledged change is on the way.

"We are going to have some different policies that are going to come out that the city has never had before, and I'm probably a week, two weeks away from getting that (drafted) and (finalizing) that."

We were unable to reach Stone, and Moore wasn't home when we stopped by his house. The married father later told us by phone he has done nothing wrong and is not involved romantically with Stone.

We have learned this case was turned over to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, but no criminal charges will be filed because Stone is not cooperating with the investigation. Meanwhile, Moore could still be in trouble with the police department for not reporting the use of force.

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