Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank you New York Times and Frontline

Published On: Nov 24 2013 01:09:52 PM EST
Updated On: Nov 24 2013 02:04:28 PM EST

A big thank you and huge hug to everyone at the New York Times and Frontline who worked so hard to give officer involved domestic violence victims a voice!
You have managed to do what no one outside of OIDV has done before - You put the public in the shoes of what it is like to be a victim of OIDV and what it is like for them when their abuser is protected behind the blue wall.
The ending segment of Frontline's documentary with Sheriff Shoar standing before his department giving a 'sermon'  in 'cop church' demandng that his 'troops'  stand behind Deputy Banks - instead of standing up to justice - was priceless.  That is  mentality of what too many OIDV victims are  up against. It is why OIDV is different than non-officer involved DV.
As Cloudwriter has said about being a victim of OIDV "it's a  different kind of being scared" -

Thank you,
Renee' Harrington
Michigan Officer Involved Domestic Violence website




Cloudwriter's post on Michelle O' Connell's death:

[FL] It's that simple? Anonymous deputy says his anonymous girlfriend killed herself and the anonymous investigators believe him.



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