Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's National Domestic Violence Awareness Month ... But, who exactly are DV Agencies assisting and advocating for?

Over the years that I have focused my attention on officer involved domestic violence, I have become accustomed to the cold harsh reality that these victims were not entitled to the same services and protections as other victims of DV.

So, in order to focus on OIDV,  I turned away from what DV agencies were doing -- just figuring they were kicking butt and doing their job to protect DV victims.

But then this week, I heard about the brutal and almost fatal DV attack by Shawn Hurley [Waterbury Connecticut] that left me wondering: Just who the hell are DV agencies protecting? The answer to this question in this case, is terrifying. 

Shawn Hurley was a known abuser, yet with the assistance of a father's rights group, he obtained visitation of his six-week-old son. Meanwhile, the local  DV Agency --  Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury, CT -- did nothing to assist the infant's mother, in protecting her child from this monster.

During that visitation, Shawn Hurley broke 14 bones on his infant son's body -- almost killing his son.

In 2010, Hurley was sentenced to eight years in prison for the horrific abuse he inflicted on his son.
And once again, the local DV agency -- Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury, CT -- did nothing to assist this child or the mother of his son. NOTHING.

Fast forward to October 2016 - and Shawn Hurley is scheduled to be released from prison.
So, where are the concerns of the Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury, during what one can only imagine is going to be pure terrifying hell for the victims of Shawn Hurley?

Do you think that Safe Haven would be the least bit concerned about the danger the victim will be in -- especially since Hurley has lost all parental rights, since being behind bars? Does the fact that the court issued a 99 year protective order against Hurley, raise any red flags at Safe Haven???

Hell no!

Safe Haven is busy trying to convince DV victims, such as Hurley's, that they need to forgive their abusers ... While, Safe Haven is busy promoting abusive fathers' rights.

You see, Safe Haven supports the "Dads Matter Too" group - which supports abusive fathers' right groups. AND, one of the Dad's Matter Too groups - which Safe Haven supports - will be assisting Shawn Hurley, when he is released from prison on October 28th.

Yep, you heard that correctly - a monster who has lost ALL parental rights because he almost killed his child, is being backed by a father's right group, that is backed by the same DV agency that has failed / refused to help Hurley's victims. One can only wonder if this is the same DV agency backed father's right group that assisted Hurley in obtaining visitation on the day he almost killed his son...


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