Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It takes a hero to break the dangerous silence surrounding Officer Involved Domestic Violence

There has recently been some misdirected outrage in Houghton County, after it was reported during the recent Sheriff election campaign  that Sheriff Brian McLean had rehired Deputy Jeffrey Stromer - who had previously been arrested and charged with domestic violence and three counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Sheriff's McLean's direct statement was: "He [Deputy Jeffrey Stromer] tried to change his life around," he said. "We gave him an opportunity to work ..." 

My own personal thoughts, as an OIDV survivor:
The silence/good ole boy mentality of  Monroe County Sheriff Crutchfield repeatedly protecting Deputy Orval Parker and his job - instead of protecting the me, almost cost me my life. My hero, who broke the silence: Michigan State Police Detective Alison King.

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