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Updates on Michigan OIDV Cases - 2016

2017: New Posts Added:

2016: New Posts Added:
12092016 - 2007  Pam Aukerman murder and Officer Kevin Brainard suicide - revisited

11182016 - Portage Indiana Mayor James Snyder - Indicted For Federal Corruption
Crossing fingers here at Michigan OIDV, that the continuing FBI investigation will result in answers and justice for Abbi and Bailey. Mayor Snyder was one of the officials who covered up the deaths of Abbi and Bailey, after an unlawful police entry into my home for reporting an Indiana Magistrate for his failure to protect DV victims...

Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean is hoping voters don't care about OIDV

In 2007, Houghton County Sheriff Deputy Jeffrey Stromer was arrested and charged with a domestic violence charge and THREE charges of First-degree criminal sexual conduct - a felony punishable by up to life in prison.

Under MCL 769.4a [Michigan's loophole to the  Lautenberg Gun Ban Amendment], Stromer pleaded no contest to the DV charge - and the three charges of CSC were dropped. Stromer was placed on probation.... 

After Deputy Jeffrey Stromer completed his probation, Sheriff Brian McLean rehired Stromer at the Houghton County Sheriff Department.

Sheriff McLean's reasoning behind rehiring a man who had been charged with THREE counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct?

"He [Deputy Jeffrey Stromer] tried to change his life around," he said. "We gave him an opportunity to 

October 2016: The latest on Officer McCowan's possible involvement in Amanda Bach's murder case:

RE: Amanda Bach murder case and the possible involvement of Officer Joseph Elliot McCowan in covering up and protecting his son. Dustin McCowan [who was convicted of Amanda's murder].

Newest missing gun / murder weapon rumors: While Dustin McCowan was in Porter County jail, awaiting trial, a construction friend of Officer McCowan posed as a pastor -- getting info in and out of the jail to/from Dustin about the gun used to murder Amanda. Rumor has it that the construction worker / "pastor" may have been involved in assisting in hiding the gun -- possibly in one of the foundations of a home he was building at the time.

RE: Since the enactment of the Lautenberg DV Gun Ban [09301996], Michigan officials have been more concerned in protecting abusive police officers - than in protecting OIDV victims!

Also See:

RE: BULLARD-PLAWECKI ACT: Internal Investigation Of Criminal Complaints - OIDV

In cases where an OIDV victim's complaint is handled as an internal complaint/department policy violation [instead of as a criminal complaint with the court system], the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right To Know Act applies in not only keeping the investigation, department hearing, and reprimand confidential, but also in allowing the OIDV complaint to be deleted from the officer's employment file after two to three years.

RE: Officer Brian Klonowski - Will NOT Be Southgate PD's new police chief, due to public outrage over  Klonowski's 2004 assault of Gina Falconer

09072016 - Officer Brian Klonowski - Will NOT Be Southgate PD's new police chief, due to public outrage over Klonowski's 2004 assault of Gina Falconer

If we don't hire a person who has committed a crime of domestic violence to the position of a police officer -- then why the hell is it okay to not only allow a police officer with an OIDV conviction to retain his position, but to also appoint them to the position of Police Chief?

2015: New Posts Added:

RE: Senator Virgil Smith [Detroit]
Senator Virgil Smith - Detroit - Arrested for shooting at ex-wife & shooting her car 

On May 10th, Senator Virgil Smith [Detroit] was arrested after he shot at his ex-wife, and shot several rounds into her vehicle.
During his May 12th arraignment, Smith's attorney claimed that it was Senator Smith's ex-wife who was "obviously the aggressor". 
Smith is charged with felonious assault; malicious destruction of personal property, $20,000 or more; domestic violence, assault and battery; and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.
He was released from jail on a $25,000, 10 percent bond.
Senator Smith's probable cause conference is scheduled for May 22nd. His preliminary examination is scheduled for May 29th.

RE: April 2015 shooting death of Terrance Kellom by Detroit Federal ICE Officer Mitchell Quinn [Fomer Detroit Police Officer who was arrested / criminally charged with OIDV in 2008]:
Family attorney claims that Kellom was shot in the back by Officer Quinn.

"That's one of our demands. (Quinn) needs to go. Period..."Even though he was acquitted, I'm concerned about a person involved in domestic violence situation being anywhere in law enforcement." [Ron Scott.  Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality]

RE: April 2015 shooting death of Terrance Kellom by Detroit Federal ICE Officer Mitchell Quinn [Fomer Detroit Police Officer who was arrested / criminally charged with OIDV in 2008]:
Following the shooting death of unarmed Kellom during an arrest, the Detroit Chief of Police claimed - incorrectly - that Officer Quinn was a DECORATED 12-year veteran of the department.
VIA Michigan OIDV, media and federal officials discovered that 7 years prior to Kellom's death, Officer Quinn had been arrested and criminally charged for holding his loaded duty gun to his ex-wife's head. The media has insured that Officer Quinn's OIDV record is not forgotten - again. 

On May 10, 2015, Senator Virgil Smith [Detroit], was arrested by the Detroit PD for shooting at his ex-wife and shooting her vehicle. Smith's ex-wife was not injured. However, the Senator put approximately 10 rounds into her vehicle. One of the Senator's neighbors reported hearing about 30 rounds being fired from a gun that sounded like an oozie. 

After Senator Virgil Smith's arrest, Detroit Police Chief James Craig refused to name the shooter. He only told the media, that "someone" fired a shotgun at a car parked outside the home of state Senator Virgil Smith. Chief Craig also failed to mention that Senator Smith's ex-wife had been shot at.

Apparently, the Detroit PD doesn't like to talk about OIDV. We all recall the recent shooting death of Terrance Kellom by Detroit ICE officer Mitchell Quinn. Detroit PD claimed that Officer Quinn "was a decorated 12-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department". Detroit PD didn't mention Officer Quinn's 2008 arrest and felony criminal charges when  Quinn pointed his loaded duty gun at his ex-wife's head. The media and government officials / agencies found the Detroit Police Commission minutes for Quinn's 2008 OIDV arrest and charges here on MIOIDV.

 ...originally arrested for assault with intent to commit murder and aggravated assault

RE: Officer Mitchell Quinn - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]

In 2008, the U.S. Immigration & Customs hired Officer Mitchell Quinn, just months after he was arrested, charged, and suspended from the Detroit PD for an OIDV incident, in which he aimed his loaded duty gun at his wife's head..

April 27, 2015: U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Officer Mitchell Quinn shot and killed fugitive Terrance Kellom, who was reportedly wielding a hammer...  "There was no evidence Kellom had a gun...The agent fired his weapon as he was retreating" [Detroit Police Chief James Craig]
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General, Detroit Police and Michigan State Police are investigating the fatal shooting of Kellom.

RE: [IN] Dustin McCowan - son of Crown Point Police Officer Joseph Elliott McCowan:
Dustin McCowan's conviction for the murder of Amanda Bach, upheld by the Indiana Supreme Court - 03/25/2015
Question from the Peanut Gallery: LE believe that Dustin's father - [IN] Crown Point Police Officer Joseph Elliott McCowan - was involved in destroying evidence in Amanda Bach's murder. Will Dustin McCowan - now with all his appeals behind him and looking at 60 years in prison - turn over evidence to LE, regarding his father / Officer McCowan???

RE: Officer Ronald Dupuis - Video of assault
An online video surfaced showing Officer Dupuis beating a hancuffed man during an arrest. "Highland Park city attorney Todd Perkins said he's aware of Dupuis' checkered past, although he said he will "draw no conclusions" from it."