Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A shout-out of support for wrongfully fired Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo

From the blog of: Jason Asselin - UP News & Video and Jason Asselin Facebook page

Who is Iron River City Manager David Thayer?

David Thayer was formerly the City Manager for Grayling Michigan, In 2010, he illegally released the social security numbers of 22 residents. He was criminally charged and convicted:

01172007 - David Thayer, new Grayling City Manager

03262010 - Misdemeanor warrant issued for Grayling City Manager David Thayer

After Thayer's conviction, he moved on and became the city manager for Mackinaw City:

03262015 - Thayer Offered Manager Position at Mackinaw City

04182015 -  Mackinaw Village draws criticism for city manager pick

04182015 - Mackinaw City manager candidate fired from last post - Mayor said he was unaware of candidate’s past

AND, after being fired from Mackinaw City for his criminal convictions in Grayling, Thayer moved on to become city manager for Iron River:


September 2016 - Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo took medical time off from work - shortly thereafter, she was fired by city manager Thayer

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