Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Assist Prosecutor Kevin Floyd - Kent County

On July 19, 2004, Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Floyd pled no-contest to misdemeanor assault and battery for the May 23, 2003 altercation with his ex-wife. The aggravated stalking charge was dismissed.

In October 2004, Assistant Prosecutor Floyd was sentenced to 30 days in jail [with credit for 16 days already served]; court costs and fines; 24 months probation; pay $17,0000 in restitution to his ex-wife; 40 hours of community service; and attend anger management counseling.

At a July 12, 2005 probation violation hearing, Floyd was jailed for 93 days for his failure to: report to probation in November 2004; failure to complete community service; failure to attend anger management counseling; and failure to pay restitution.


Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Floyd. May 23, 2007: Assault and battery; aggravated stalking charges.

Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Floyd. October 2003: Jailed for 7 days.

Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Floyd. February 27, 2004: Pretrial release revocation hearing for failure to pay electronic tether fees.

Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Floyd. December 30, 2005: Criminal contempt in civil case / divorce case.


Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Floyd. August 21, 2006: 30 day suspension ordered by State of Michigan Attorney Discipline Board for Floyd's assault and battery conviction.

Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Floyd. May 31, 2007: Attempted to appeal May 10, 2007, parenting time ruling.

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