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Deputy Kevin Haan - Allegan SD


Arrested on March 04, 2008 for making threatening phone calls to his wife.

Original charges: Malicious use of a phone [misdemeanor].

Released on bond, with conditions that Deputy Haan have no contact with his wife and that he not consume alcohol.

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From: Cloudwriter / Behind The Blue Wall:

Allegan County deputy suspended after third arrest
Tuesday, April 01, 2008
By Nate Reens
The Grand Rapids Press

Deputy Kevin Haan [Allegan County Sheriff Department]

ALLEGAN COUNTY -- A veteran sheriff's deputy has been suspended without pay after he was arrested three times in the past month, twice by his co-workers, Allegan County Undersheriff Jim Hull said.

Kevin Haan, a 43-year-old road patrol officer serving the county's northeastern townships, has not returned to work since a March 4 arrest by fellow deputies for allegedly placing a threatening phone call to his wife.

Haan, who was charged by Allegan prosecutors with a misdemeanor for malicious use of a phone, was subsequently arrested on accusations he violated bond conditions by contacting his spouse again, Hull said.

The deputy originally was placed on a paid leave, but that status was changed by department leaders Thursday to unpaid suspension after an internal hearing.

The next day, Hull said, Haan was arrested on suspicion of drunken-driving in Barry County. Details of that incident were not available.

"He's really going through a tough time in his personal life right now," Hull said. "He's a fabulous deputy, but he's got some things he has to deal with right now and he can't do that while working."

Hull said Haan threatened his wife, but there is no allegation that any violence occurred. Haan could not be reached for comment.

The criminal accusations are a stunning departure from two years ago, when Sheriff Blaine Koops presented Haan with the department's ALLCOPS award for excellence in community policing.

"The professionalism, dedication and teamwork displayed by these officers are a credit to our department," Koops said in April 2006 while honoring Haan and several other employees.

As the undersheriff, Hull holds Haan's fate in his hands. Hull is responsible for reviewing recommendations for discipline that he expects a board of two force sergeants and a lieutenant to hand him next week.

Haan could be fired or face other corrective measures.

Had heart surgery.
Haan has worked for the county for about 18 years, earning praise from the heads of Dorr, Salem and Leighton townships in 2000. Leaders in those governments fought for Haan to be returned to their area after he was transferred to a neighboring community.

The deputy underwent an unspecified heart surgery, and the move was explained as a less-strenuous way to help him recuperate.

Hull said Haan's arrest by his fellow deputies was difficult, but necessary.

"They've got a job that they have to do, regardless of who it is," Hull said.

Court documents reveal arrested deputy's state of mind
Posted: April 1, 2008 10:36 PM CST
Updated: April 1, 2008 11:13 PM CST
By Marc Thompson

ALLEGAN, Mich. (WOOD) -- Court documents reveal an Allegan County sheriff's deputy is potentially a danger to himself and others, after winding up on the wrong side of the law, not once, but three times.

It is a story 24 Hour News 8 broke Monday night.

As we dug deeper into court records, it appears Kevin Haan may have been on the verge of a breakdown.

Haan was first arrested March 4 for allegedly making threatening phone calls to his estranged wife. He was released on bond, but with conditions, including not consuming alcohol and having no further contact with his spouse.

But according to court documents obtained by 24 Hour News 8, Haan violated those conditions by calling his wife again on March 13. He also admitted to drinking a half pint of vodka and blowing a 0.18 alcohol level.

Haan told his wife he was considering checking himself into Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids.

His wife told police "he should not be on the streets." She feared Haan may "try and kill himself...have an accident...or hurt her."

Haan told deputies he "could not go on."

Officers in his own department arrested him for a second time for violating an unknown condition of the bond.

Then came arrest number three on March 24. This time Haan was apparently drunk behind the wheel of his car in Barry County, crossing the centerline on M-37, according to a police report. He was arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Haan told the arresting officer he "was having marital problems." He again admitted to drinking a half pint of vodka.

Haan said he was on a cocktail of prescription medication for depression and bipolar disorder.

Haan is on unpaid administrative leave while a review board looks into his future with the department.

Sheriff's officials told 24 Hour News 8 all employees have access to mental health assistance through Help Net, a firm in Kalamazoo. Officials would not confirm for us, however, whether Haan sought that assistance.

Sheriff's deputy arrested a third time
Posted: March 31, 2008
By Tony Tagliavia

DORR TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) -- An Allegan County sheriff's deputy is off the beat after being arrested a third time.

Kevin Haan is on unpaid administrative leave as a board of inquiry decides his fate after allegations of drunken driving, making a threatening phone call to his wife, and violating the terms of his bond.

Haan patrolled Dorr Township and a couple of neighboring communities for years. He even won an award for community policing from Salem Township.

"That doesn't sound like him as far as what I knew him for," said Dorr Township Supervisor Don Kaczanowski. "He was very good at communicating the people."

The threatening phone calls occurred about a month ago. Haan was released on bond but violated an unknown condition of that bond and was arrested again.

Then Haan was arrested sometime last week in Barry County for drunken driving - a crime in and of itself, but also another violation of that original bond.

Undersheriff Jim Hull says these events have been tough on the department, describing Haan as a longtime employee, and a good one.

An internal affairs investigation was done and reviewed by an outside department.

Now a board of inquiry has met, waiting for more information, and is expected to meet again next week. The board will make a recommendation on what will happen to Haan as far as his job is concerned.

24 Hour News 8 was unable to contact Haan.

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