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Deputy Steven Fresorger - Saginaw SD


In May 2011, Deputy allegedly assaulted his former girlfriend, Tracey Moore.

Tracey Moore filed a complaint regarding Deputy Fresorger's May 7th assault, with the Saginaw Township Police.

Tracey informed the Saginaw police that there was a confrontation between her and Deputy Fresorger at the Saginaw Township little league field.

According to Tracey, Deputy Fresorger grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the field.

Saginaw Township Police Chief Don Pussehl confirmed that his department investigated Tracey's complaint and turned it over to the Prosecutor for review.

Deputy Fresorger was suspended from the Saginaw SD [with pay], on May 10th....three days after the alleged assault. The supension wasn't due to the domestic violence investigation but was due to the investigation of his illegal use of the LEIN system.

Six weeks after the alleged domestic violence assault, the Saginaw County Prosecutor still had not reviewed the criminal complaint against Deputy Fresorger. Throughout the ongoing criminal justice process for Deputy Fresorger's felony LEIN charges, there is no more mention of the alleged May 7th, 2011 domestic violence attack on Tracey Moore. It's as if it disappeared. ...

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Sheriff's deputy could face 11 criminal charges
Friday, June 24, 2011

SAGINAW COUNTY -- (06/24/11) -- A Saginaw County sheriff's deputy could be fired now that he is facing 11 criminal charges.

He's accused of using a state-wide Law Enforcement Information Network for personal purposes, but he might also be charged in another case.

Steve Fresorger was formally charged on Wednesday, but the Saginaw County prosecutor is reviewing another criminal complaint involving the deputy.

In 2008, Fresorger was featured in an ABC12 story for helping save the life of a man who collapsed in a meeting. But now, the 41-year-old deputy is free on bond after being charged with six felonies and five misdemeanors.

"It's very difficult. It's never easy for anyone, but especially for one of your own. It's a sad day for Saginaw County," said Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel.

All of the criminal charges pertain to Fresorger's alleged personal use of the state's Law Enforcement Information Network, or LEIN, a system used by law enforcement agencies across the state.

"Run secretary of state information, license plates, we can find out owner information on vehicles. It must be utilized for professional purposes only, it cannot be utilized for personal purposes at all," Federspiel said.

While the sheriff won't disclose what Fresorger was allegedly looking for in the LEIN system, Fresorger is also under investigation for a domestic situation involving an ex-girlfriend at a Saginaw Township little league field on May 7.

"She alleges that there was a confrontation on the field between him and her and he grabbed her right arm and pulled her off the field," said Saginaw Township Police Chief Don Pussehl.

That incident was investigated by the Saginaw Township Police Department.

"This is a separate incident that was reported to us. It was investigated and this case has been turned over to the prosecutor for review," Pussehl said.

Federspiel says Fresorger will be put on unpaid administrative leave today, and a decision on whether he will be fired will be made next week following an internal affairs investigation.

Michigan Officer Involved Domestic Violence

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