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06222011 - Deputy Steven Fresorger - Saginaw SD

Deputy Fresorger charged with misuse of LEIN: June 22, 2011

While Deputy Steven Fresorger was suspended from Saginaw County Sheriff Department....

....During an internal investigation  into his alleged misuse of the county's LEIN system to 'stalk' his ex-girlfriend Tracey Moore and her boyfriends....

....And while Deputy Fresorger was being  investigated by the Saginaw Township Police Department....

....For his May 07, 2011 alleged assault of his former girlfriend, Tracey Moore....

....Deputy Fresorger filed an emergency petition with the Saginaw County Friends Of the Court for custody of his and Tracey Moore's son. Deputy Fresorger was now claiming that Tracey had sexually abused their son.
Retaliation against Tracey for the LEIN investigation and the domestic violence investigation....Or, was Deputy Fresorger preparing a defense in case he was criminally charged with missue of the LEIN system?

According to the testimony of Joan Hogenson from the Saginaw County Friends of The Court [at Deputy Fresorger's August 2011 preliminary hearing], she had asked Deputy Fresorger if he used the county LEIN system to check on Tracey Moore's boyfriends....

....Deputy Fresorger replied:  “I’ll check on people my son is around."

Tracey Moore immediately contacted the Saginaw County Sheriff, after Deputy Fresergor filed for custody of their son. Tracey claimed to the Sheriff, that Deputy Fresergor was stalking her.....

....Criminal charges for stalking were filed against Deputy Fresorger in June 2011....

....But like the May 2011 domestic violence assault complaint that Tracey filed with Saginaw Township Police, the stalking charges seem to have disappeared in the midst of the criminal cases against Deputy Fresorger....

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Witness: Saginaw County sheriff's deputy ran names of ex-girlfriend's new boyfriends through LEIN system; discipline hearing coming soon
Published: Monday, August 22, 2011, 4:39 PM
Updated: Monday, August 22, 2011, 8:42 PM

SAGINAW — A Saginaw County sheriff’s deputy ran the names of his child’s mother’s new boyfriends through a statewide computerized information system, a witness testified today.

A decision on whether Steven T. Fresorger will stand trial on six felonies and seven misdemeanors for, prosecutors say, improperly running the names will have to wait until a later date, though.

Saginaw County District Judge Terry L. Clark this afternoon heard testimony from six witnesses in the preliminary hearing for Fresorger, 41, of Saginaw Township. Because Fresorger’s attorney, James F. Piazza, had another scheduled hearing, Clark postponed the remainder of the hearing until a later date.

The hearing is intended for a judge to determine whether probable cause exists for trial in Circuit Court.

Fresorger is charged with five felony counts of impermissible use of personal information he obtained through the Law Enforcement Information Network, or LEIN, five misdemeanor counts of unauthorized disclosure of information from LEIN and one felony count of using computers to commit a crime.

Elizabeth Canfield, a state police analyst of LEIN, testified that Fresorger — or, at least, someone using Fresorger’s user identification and password — used LEIN terminals to run information checks, but not criminal history checks, on John A. Warner, John P. Warner, Michael Stoll, Michael M. “Marty” Stoll, and Brandon Wakeman.

Fresorger’s ex-girlfriend, Tracy Moore, testified that she dated John A. Warner in 2009 and “Marty” Stoll and Wakeman in 2010. Moore said that Fresorger told her that each of the three men had drug charges.

Canfield testified that Fresorger searched for a “John Warner” once between May and July 2009 and followed that by searching more specifically for John A. Warner and John P. Warner. John P. Warner testified that he has never been to Saginaw County and didn’t know Fresorger, while John A. Warner now lives in San Francisco, Moore said.

Fresorger on July 17, 2010, searched 11 times for “Marty” Stoll and once for Michael Stoll, Canfield said. On Sept. 6 and Sept. 7, he searched for Wakeman’s name four times, Canfield said.

“Marty” Stoll testified he knew of Fresorger “through mutual friends” but never had contact with him a sheriff’s deputy. Stoll testified that he possessed marijuana with Moore at one time, but Clark did not allow him to answer further questions from Piazza to avoid incriminating himself.

Somebody from either the Saginaw Police Department or Michigan State Police searched for Wakeman on Sept. 4, Canfield said. Wakeman, who said he never met or had contact with Fresorger, said he was arrested for drunken driving by a state police trooper that day.

Piazza said one of Fresorger’s defenses will be that as a deputy, he could check on Stoll’s and Wakeman’s backgrounds. A defense regarding Warner was not mentioned today, but Piazza likely will address it at the continuation of the hearing.

Canfield testified that the searches Fresorger conducted were only for driver’s license information, such as date of birth and an individual’s driver’s operator code — information protected through the state LEIN statute.

Days after Fresorger filed an “emergency petition” for sole custody of their 5-year-old son, based on accusations that Moore sexually assaulted the child, Moore sent a letter to county Sheriff William L. Federspiel, claiming that Fresorger was stalking her.

Fresorger was charged in late June. Joan Hogenson, who provides custody and parenting recommendations for the Saginaw County Friend of the Court, testified she interviewed Fresorger and Moore. When she asked Fresorger if he used LEIN to research Warner, he said, “I’ll check on people my son is around,” Hogenson said.

Hogenson acknowledged, however, that Fresorger did not actually admit to using LEIN to “check on” those people.

Federspiel on June 24 suspended Fresorger without pay in connection with the charges.

That suspension was pending the completion of an internal investigation, Federspiel said. He gave Fresorger notice of possible discipline earlier this month, he said, to which Fresorger had 14 days to respond.

Those 14 days expired “late last week,” Federspiel said, and Fresorger did not respond. The sheriff now must conduct a “Loudermill hearing” to “determine what I’m going to do with any type of discipline,” he said.

Federspiel said he will conduct the hearing “in the next 10 days” and will “make a decision based on the outcome of the internal investigation.” Discipline could include termination, he said.

The charge of using computers to commit a crime carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison or a $5,000 fine. The charge of impermissible use of personal information carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, and the charge of unauthorized disclosure of information from the LEIN system carries a maximum penalty of 93 days in jail.

Fresorger remained free today on a $1,000 or 10 percent bond

Sheriff's deputy could face 11 criminal charges
Friday, June 24, 2011

SAGINAW COUNTY -- (06/24/11) -- A Saginaw County sheriff's deputy could be fired now that he is facing 11 criminal charges.

He's accused of using a state-wide Law Enforcement Information Network for personal purposes, but he might also be charged in another case.

Steve Fresorger was formally charged on Wednesday, but the Saginaw County prosecutor is reviewing another criminal complaint involving the deputy.

In 2008, Fresorger was featured in an ABC12 story for helping save the life of a man who collapsed in a meeting. But now, the 41-year-old deputy is free on bond after being charged with six felonies and five misdemeanors.

"It's very difficult. It's never easy for anyone, but especially for one of your own. It's a sad day for Saginaw County," said Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel.

All of the criminal charges pertain to Fresorger's alleged personal use of the state's Law Enforcement Information Network, or LEIN, a system used by law enforcement agencies across the state.

"Run secretary of state information, license plates, we can find out owner information on vehicles. It must be utilized for professional purposes only, it cannot be utilized for personal purposes at all," Federspiel said.

While the sheriff won't disclose what Fresorger was allegedly looking for in the LEIN system, Fresorger is also under investigation for a domestic situation involving an ex-girlfriend at a Saginaw Township little league field on May 7.

"She alleges that there was a confrontation on the field between him and her and he grabbed her right arm and pulled her off the field," said Saginaw Township Police Chief Don Pussehl.

That incident was investigated by the Saginaw Township Police Department.

"This is a separate incident that was reported to us. It was investigated and this case has been turned over to the prosecutor for review," Pussehl said.

Federspiel says Fresorger will be put on unpaid administrative leave today, and a decision on whether he will be fired will be made next week following an internal affairs investigation.

Michigan Officer Involved Domestic Violence

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06202011 - Police Chief David Hague - Boyne Falls PD

Hague criminal charges to be dropped

September 01, 2011
Sheri McWhirter
Petoskey News

CHARLEVOIX — Criminal charges against former Boyne Falls police chief David Hague are expected to be dropped for lack of evidence.

Hague, 53, of rural Charlevoix County, faced a domestic violence misdemeanor charge after an altercation with his estranged wife in June at his home on M-66 near East Jordan. Charlevoix County’s assistant prosecutor Kerry Zahner filed a motion on Tuesday to dismiss the case because of insufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof, according to court records.

Judge Richard May is expected to sign the motion today, Thursday, Sept. 1.

Charlevoix attorney Chris Turkelson, Hague’s defense attorney, could not be reached for comment, nor could Zahner. The motion calls for the case to be dismissed without prejudice.

Meanwhile, Boyne Falls officials fired Hague from his law enforcement job.

Debra Taylor, village clerk, said Boyne Falls’ leaders terminated Hague’s employment as the village’s sole police officer at their meeting on Aug. 9.

“They decided to stop the police department for a while here, but it doesn’t have anything to do with David being off,” Taylor said.

Hague took a leave of absence from his law enforcement job after his arrest on June 21, she said.

Michigan State Police records show the dispute arose when Hague’s wife returned to the home to collect clothing for their youngest child. The police report also shows she saw and took notes Hague kept about her comings and goings at the house, but he struggled to retrieve them and allegedly pushed her against a wall.

Reports also show the incident continued when she attempted to take things from a child’s bedroom, but Hague blocked her. Finally, police documents show Hague’s wife took and kept for several weeks a backpack with his personal paperwork and his village-issued mobile phone for his police job.

Taylor said that’s why she shut off service to the taxpayer-funded phone.

Later in the day, hours after the physical altercation, Charlevoix County Sheriff’s deputies returned to the home after Hague’s wife crashed her vehicle into the house. Authorities said the crash was not intentional.

Charlevoix County responds to FOIA lawsuit
August 31, 2011
Sheri McWhirter
Petoskey News

Charlevoix County officials responded to the Petoskey News-Review’s Freedom of Information lawsuit and for the most part denied the newspaper’s allegations.

The newspaper filed a lawsuit Tuesday, Aug. 2, under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act that sought to compel the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners and Prosecutor’s Office to release several emails between commissioner Chris Christensen and prosecutor John Jarema, including any emails sent between the two during a public meeting held at Charlevoix County’s administration building in Charlevoix. The county’s response on Thursday, Aug. 25, denies the newspaper’s allegation that the FOIA denials came as “arbitrary and capricious” decisions by Jarema.

Furthermore, the county denies that emails sent between the two elected officials are even public records. The county’s response identifies one email sent to Jarema during a May 11 meeting that was automatically generated from Christensen’s subscribed MLS account.

Christensen is a local real estate agent with online abilities to email property listings to subscribers, similar to most property brokers.

Charlevoix County also effectively denied that Jarema told newspaper online editor Julie Witthoeft that he would extend the time frame to respond to a FOIA request for a police report about Boyne Falls Police Chief David Hague’s domestic violence arrest even before she filed it, because of editor Jeremy McBain.

More often than not, the county responded to the newspaper’s lawsuit allegations by neither admitting nor denying the facts in play.

Christensen and Jarema separately filed for summary disposition of the case and legal sanctions against the newspaper for specifically naming them in the suit.

Those requested sanctions include a financial penalty to cover legal costs, but do not include punitive damages, according to Michigan law.

McBain said the newspaper is eager for a judge to weigh in.

“We look forward to presenting our case in court,” he said.

Media attorney Robin Luce Herrmann, of Bloomfield Hills, represents the newspaper in the suit. She said the county’s position in its response is “not entirely unexpected” and the newspaper will respond in turn.

“We’ll be filing an appropriate response on behalf of the Petoskey News-Review and look forward to the judge resolving the issues,” she said.

Herrmann also said the newspaper provided the county a copy of its complaint in advance of filing suit, when objections to Christensen and Jarema being named should have been raised.

“They had plenty of opportunity to address that in advance of the filing of this suit or their motion,” Herrmann said.

Petoskey-based attorney Gretchen Olsen represents Charlevoix County in this case, despite Jarema serving as the board’s civil counsel. Olsen is an attorney with the Plunkett Cooney firm in Petoskey.

She declined to comment to a News-Review reporter because the county and the newspaper are pitted against each other in this case, she said.

“Our answer pretty well speaks for itself,” Olsen said.

County clerk’s officials said Charlevoix Agency, the county’s liability insurance provider, retained Olsen as counsel for this case.

However, county commissioners Bob Drebenstedt and Shirlene Tripp — one-third of the board — said they do not agree with the county’s strategy in this legal battle.

Hague criminal charges to be dropped
Petoskey News
Sheri McWhirter/News-Review,0,

Charlevoix County prosecutors filed a motion to drop the domestic violence misdemeanor charge against former Boyne Falls police chief David Hague. The motion said there is not enough evidence to meet the burden of proof.

More details on police official's arrest
June 23, 2011
Sheri McWhirter
Petoskey News

BOYNE FALLS — Boyne Falls Police Chief David Bruce Hague, 59, of South Arm Township, faces a criminal misdemeanor charge of domestic violence following an incident at his home on Monday.

Authorities arrested Hague on Tuesday, when he turned himself in and appeared before 90th District Court Judge Richard May for arraignment.

Hague pleaded not guilty and is free on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond. Bond conditions prevent him from possessing or purchasing firearms or ammunition, court records show.

Hague serves at Boyne Falls’ sole village marshal.

Hague could not be reached for comment, nor could Bill Carson, Boyne Falls village president.

Michigan State Police Sgt. Brett Gooding, of the Petoskey post, said a number of events happened at Hague’s residence on Monday, including his wife colliding her vehicle into the house after being served with divorce papers. The collision ruptured the natural gas line to the home and an emergency crew responded.

“There was some physical altercations there,” Gooding said.

Charlevoix County Prosecutor John Jarema declined to comment.

The Petoskey News-Review filed a Michigan Freedom of Information Act request on Wednesday for police reports associated with this incident. Jarema refused to release the documents until after the five-day waiting period and additional 10-day extension is completed.

Hague will be defended by Charlevoix attorney Chris Turkelson, who could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, police authorities said when they were called to Hague’s home for the alleged domestic assault he agreed to leave the residence. Charlevoix County Sheriff’s deputies later responded to the property damage incident, said Sheriff Don Schneider.

“She did not deliberately hit the house,” Schneider said.

The collision was an accident that happened after she also mistakenly ran over a snowblower, the sheriff said.

“That’s our indication,” Schneider said.

Village trustee Jim English — also Hague’s partner in a security business — declined to comment on the case, but confirmed that Hague surrendered his official police weapon to the village.

Village trustee Gladys “Joann” Bell said she knows Hague very well and a domestic violence charge is out of character for him.

“But you never know what happens behind closed doors,” Bell said. “We will have to wait and see what comes out and what really happened.”

Hague is scheduled to appear in court on July 5 for a pre-trial hearing, court records show.

Boyne Falls village marshal arrested on domestic violence charge
June 22, 2011
By Julie Witthoeft
Northern Michigan Review
The Petoskey News

According to Boyne Falls village clerk Debbie Taylor, David Hague, who was arrested Tuesday, June 21, on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence, is the village marshal in Boyne Falls.

Hague, 59, of East Jordan, was arraigned in Charlevoix County District Court Tuesday and released on a $5,000 bond after being arrested by the Michigan State Police.

He is scheduled to appear at a pre-trial conference at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 5, in Charlevoix County District Court.

Taylor said at this time the village council has not discussed or changed Hague’s employment status.

However, she said she expects a meeting will be forthcoming.

Boyne Falls Village Marshall Charged With Domestic Violence
Updated: Jun 22, 2011 8:45 AM CDT
9 and 10 News

Boyne Falls Village Marshall David Hague has been charged with domestic violence. Hague was arrested yesterday according to court officials, and is currently out on bond. 9&10 News will bring you the latest details as they become available

Police Chief Arrested
Posted: 06.21.2011 at 7:05 PM
Updated: 06.22.2011 at 2:30 PM
Up North Live

A law enforcement leader faces domestic violence charges

BOYNE FALLS -- A local police chief is on the other side of the law.

David Hague was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with one count of domestic violence. Hague is the Chief of Police for Boyne Falls.

He was arraigned in court Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was released a short time later on a $5,000 bond.

Hague will be back in court for a pretrial hearing on July 5.

7&4 news is working to get more information on this case and will bring you an update once more details are released.

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06012011 - Firefighter Mike Risher - Detroit FD

Also See:
WXYZ / Channel 7, Detroit [reporter Scott Lewis] investigation of Firefighter Mike Risher's violence against women:

2005: A woman said she and Risher were arguing in the back seat of a minivan when Risher head-butted her. When she fought back, she said that Risher pinned her down and choked her.

2006: Risher gets in a bar fight and assaults a woman. The assault is caught on the bar's video cam.

2006: When police respond to Risher's assault of the woman, Risher flashes his badge and claims to the responding police that he is the victim.The police arrest the woman that Risher is seen attacking on the bar's video. Risher filed a false police report. The victim of his attack was falsely arrested.

2006: Victim of Risher's attack in the bar filed a lawsuit against Risher. She is awarded $15,000. But Risher only pays a small portion of the suit.

March 12, 2008: Risher's ex-wife had filed a domestic violence assault report with the police department. Charges were never filed against Risher.

Unknown Date: Risher's ex-wife had filed a domestic violence assault report with the police department. Charges were never filed against Risher.

September 18, 2009: Risher's ex-wife had filed a domestic violence assault report with the police department. Charges were never filed against Risher.

March 08, 2011: Risher assaulted Jennifer Panduren at a bar, when she and her friend Samantha Strozynski turned down his advances. Assault was caught on a security cam. Police refuse to review secuirty cam tape. Police refuse to file charges against Risher.

March 08, 2011: March 08, 2011: Risher assaulted Samantha Strozynski at a bar, when she and her friend Jennifer Panduren turned down his advances. Assault was caught on a security cam. Police refuse to review secuirty cam tape. Police refuse to file charges against Risher.

March 08, 2011: Risher arrested for disorderly conduct for assaulting Panduren and Strozynski. Charges were later dismissed.

March 08, 2011: Panduren [assaulted by Risher] was arrested for disorderly conduct. Charges were later dismissed.

Summer 2011: Risher attacked a woman when he accused her of spilling his drink. Risher picked her up by her neck and slammed her onto a boat deck after he accused her of spilling his drink.

Pictures of victim's neck after Firefighter Mike Risher picked her up by the neck and slammed her on a boat deck.

New, disturbing information on off-duty firefighter Mike Risher who attacked two women
Posted: 11/15/2012
WXYZ News, Detroit
By: Scott Lewis

(WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators have uncovered new, disturbing information about the off-duty Detroit firefighter who attacked two women; this may not be his first offense of this kind.

Police are now looking into the case of off-duty firefighter Mike Risher attacking two women; Jennifer Panduren and Samantha Strozynski outside a bar in 2001. A high-profile attorney has also stepped in.

Meanwhile, two additional women told 7 Action News they were previously attacked by Risher.

It was Paczi Day 2011 when Panduren and Strozynski were arguing with Risher outside the Mars Bar in Hamtramck. Witnesses said Risher punched both in the face and knocked them to the pavement.

"I said to him, I was like, 'Oh, you're big, you're gonna punch a girl.’ And, yeah, I ate my words I guess you can say because he definitely did," Jennifer Panduren said.

Despite presenting security video to police, Strozynski says "Nobody would ever let us make a police report.”

Both women say they believe Risher received a free pass from police because he works as a firefighter.

An independent witness said police told him nothing much would come of the incident because Risher was a Detroit firefighter.

But everything changed after the 7 Action News Investigators exposed this incident three weeks ago.

After our investigation aired, Hamtramck Police brought in Panduren and Strozynski for interviews. They also took statements from two witnesses and are retrieving the women's medical records to document their injuries.

Hamtramck police Chief Maxwell Garbarino confirmed detectives are preparing a warrant request for the Wayne County prosecutor, seeking charges against the Risher. This comes a year and half after the incident happened.

High-powered attorney Ven Johnson has also offered to help Panduren and Strozynski. Johnson said although there is likely little or no money in it, he is preparing to file a civil lawsuit against Risher.

"No one's above the law. No one's above the law,” Johnson told Scott Lewis. “And it doesn't matter what you do for a living or who you work for, or how much money you make, you can't punch other people in the face and get away with it unprovoked. And that's exactly what we think Mr. Risher did."

Meanwhile, two additional women have come forward claiming Risher once attacked them as well.

One woman provided 7 Action News with pictures showing a scrape on her neck. She said the injury occurred last summer when Risher picked her up by her neck and slammed her onto a boat deck after he accused her of spilling his drink. An eyewitness backed up her story.

A second woman said Risher assaulted her in 2005. She said she and Risher were arguing in the back seat of a minivan when Risher head-butted her. When she fought back, she said that Risher pinned her down and choked her. That incident was also confirmed by a witness.

As we previously reported Risher and his then girlfriend were also sued over a bar fight in 2006 and ordered to pay the victims $15,000.

The lawsuit said that "Risher appears to be suffering from the effects of too many steroids. He has a larger than usual physic and a violent temper which he has trouble controlling".

Risher's ex-wife and a former girlfriend both confirm that he has taken steroids prescribed by a doctor.

Reports also show police were called to the Risher's Clinton Township home three times for domestic incidents. In one case, Risher's wife said he pushed her into a table, and knocked the wind out of her leaving a visible scrape. The report says she wanted to press charges but for some reason they were never filed.

Risher worked for a year in the Mount Clemens Fire Department but was terminated in 2003.

His six month performance evaluation gave him unsatisfactory ratings in "ability to get along with others," "carrying out instructions," and “work attitude.”

In all, Risher is accused of attacking five different women since 2005 with no significant repercussions.

Attorney Ven Johnson says it’s his motivation to push the Hamtramck case in civil court.

"My clients have the right to insist that [Risher] be held absolutely accountable for the last year going almost a year and a half,” said Johnson. “He was walking the streets smiling laughing about what he did to these ladies."

Hamtramck Police arrested Risher for disorderly conduct after the Mars Bar incident, but the ticket was later dismissed by a judge.

After Hamtramck Police submit their warrant request, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office will decide whether there is enough evidence to support a criminal charge.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Donald Austin released this statement to 7 Action News:

"The Detroit Fire Department learned of the allegations against Michael Risher when this story originally aired a few weeks ago. The Department has begun a thorough investigation of this incident.

"Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed, we need to determine whether Fire Fighter Risher violated the rules and regulations of the Detroit Fire Department. When our investigation is completed, we will take the appropriate disciplinary action, if any is warranted."

We also reached out to Mike Risher asking for comment on these latest developments.

So far, he has not responded.