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Officer Ken DeKleine - Abuse of Power Allegation - Holland PD

Officer Kenneth DeKleine [Holland PD]: Allgations that Officer DeKleine was abusing his position as a police officer and using his position to intimidate his ex-wife, when he falsely claimed to Lori that she was being investigated.

Allegations were never criminally investigated by the Holland PD, where Lori's PPO was filed. After Lori's murder the Holland Police Chief stated that he had never reviewed Lori's PPO.

In January 2008, Officer DeKleine murdered Lori. He was convicted in July 2008 and sentenced to life in prison.

On January 31, 2007, Lori DeKleine obtained a personal protective order against her ex-husband [Officer Kenneth DeKleine]. A copy of Lori's PPO was filed with her ex husband's police department / the Holland PD.

Lori DeKleine wrote in her PPO that her ex-husband / Officer Kenneth DeKleine had informed her that she was under [police] investigation.

However, Chief John Kruithoff [Holland PD], never investigated Lori's claims that Officer DeKleine was intimidating her through misuse of his police position.

After Lori was murdered by Officer DeKleine [January 10, 2008] Chief Kruithoff admitted that he didn't even know what was contained in Lori's personal protective order [that had been filed with his police department in January 2007].



Officer Ken DeKleine [Holland PD]: MURDER OF LORI DEKLEINE [January 10, 2008]

Victim was terrified of her husband, records show
Grand Haven Tribune
Chris Epplett
Tue, Jan 15, 2008
Lori DeKleine was aware of the danger signs around her. "I have become increasingly terrified and afraid for my life," she wrote in a personal protection order filed in Ottawa County Circuit Court on Jan. 31, 2007, against her husband, Holland police officer Ken DeKleine...

In the protection order, Lori DeKleine cites three specific incidents in mid-December 2006 and early January 2007. She claimed she was coerced into sexual acts on several occasions during their marriage and molested while on sleep medications. "Ken has been a sexual and emotional bully throughout our marriage, beginning on our honeymoon... His behavior continues to stifle my well-being and safety"...

The final straw that apparently led to the filing of the protection order was an episode during the last weekend of January 2007, while the couple was still living together. "I believe Ken broke into the locked room I have been sleeping in to stay safe," she said. "I believe he broke in through the window in the room, leaving glass all over the bed and blood stains throughout the room and house"...

Lori DeKleine wrote that she found several recording devices in her backpack, on their home phone and under some clothing in their bedroom. "The next week Ken told me I was 'under investigation,'...

I was afraid that he might harm himself or return and harm me," she wrote. The initial incident that Lori DeKleine specified in the protection order was an unexpected visit in December 2006. She claimed Ken, his brother Keith, and a friend named Mike Dozeman came to the house, and Ken began reciting Lori's previous friendships and journal entries to discredit her in front of their two children...

Terms of the divorce, mostly concerning child custody, kept the case open through the end of the year. The original terms called for joint custody of the children, but Lori did not want to oblige, which sent the case to the county Friend of the Court for a ruling. By this point, court records show, the DeKleine children wanted nothing to do with their father...

Officer Ken DeKleine - Murdered ex-wife Lori - Holland PD [Jan 10, 2008]

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