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Officer Ken DeKleine - PPO Violation - Holland PD

On January 08, 2008....two days before Officer DeKleine murdered his ex-wife, Lori, he violated the PPO once again. Officer DeKleine illegally gained access to Lori's work computer at the Holland Heights Christian Reformed Church. DeKleine accessed Lori's email account...and forwarded her emails to his own email account.

Lori's emails that Officer DeKleine forwarded to his own email account: 1] An email Lori DeKleine had sent her attorney, regarding extending the personal protection order...which was due to expire in less than a month. 2] An email regarding a stalking seminar that Lori was interested in attending, and possibly allowing the organizers to use her story as an anonymous example. 3] Email communications with one of her friends, whose husband was DeKleine's college roomate.... DeKleine perceived his wife as meddling.

Lori DeKleine's PPO that she obtained on January 31, 2007, and which was filed with the Holland Police Department.


After Lori was murdered by Officer DeKleine [January 10, 2008] Chief Kruithoff admitted that he didn't even know what was contained in Lori's personal protective order [that had been filed with his police department in January 2007].



Officer Ken DeKleine [Holland PD]: MURDER OF LORI DEKLEINE  [January 10, 2008]

Lori DeKleine slaying 'about control,' court told
Wednesday, July 09, 2008
By John Tunison
The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND HAVEN --Ken DeKleine had many motives to kill his estranged wife, prosecutors say.

"The murder of Lori DeKleine was about control and manipulation," Ottawa County Prosecutor Ron Frantz told jurors Tuesday during the start of the murder trial against the former veteran Holland cop, a man once described as one of the most likable, dedicated officers on the force.

But police and prosecutors contend DeKleine's rage and jealousy spiraled out of control, pushing him to hide in the garage attic of his wife's home for seven hours Jan. 10 before emerging to strangle her with a nylon strap.

The death and Ken DeKleine's arrest stunned the community.

On Tuesday in Circuit Court, De-Kleine's attorney hinted that he would not deny the killing, something to which police say DeKleine confessed.

"I am not going to pull a rabbit out of a hat and show you it was someone other than Ken DeKleine who was the instrument of Lori DeKleine's death," attorney Floyd Farmer said.

In opening arguments, Frantz alleged several events set DeKleine off, particularly when he read private e-mails that his wife had on a computer at Holland Heights Christian Reformed Church where she worked as a secretary.

Frantz revealed details that allege DeKleine, 45, secretly got onto her work computer two days before the killing and sent several e-mails to his own computer.

"Ken DeKleine was involved in extensive eavesdropping and surveillance of his wife," Frantz said.

In one of the e-mails, Lori DeKleine, 43, talked with her attorney, Holly Verde, about extending the personal protection order she obtained in January 2007 against her husband. It was set to expire in less than a month.

In the e-mails, DeKleine also learned of a stalking seminar that his wife was interested in attending, and possibly allowing the organizers to use her story as an anonymous example of stalking problems, officials said.

"She felt she was the victim of stalking by Ken DeKleine," Frantz said.

He also learned his wife was communicating with one of her girlfriends, who also was about to get divorced, Franz said. The girlfriend's husband was Ken DeKleine's college roommate and a good friend, and prosecutors allege DeKleine was upset because he perceived his wife as meddling.

Add to that the anger he harbored over a custody battle during his pending divorce with Lori DeKleine, along with suspicions Lori DeKleine was having an affair with her therapist, and it was enough to put him over the edge, prosecutors said Tuesday.

During the first day of testimony, Ken DeKleine sat mostly without reaction as he listened to three officers testify about examining Lori DeKleine's body and finding blood-splattered clothing and a nylon strap hidden under insulation in the garage attic.

But he smiled when his son, Christopher, 16, took the stand for sometimes emotional testimony about discovering his mother's body in the basement laundry room. During a light moment, the teen described how his sister, now 18, routinely made them almost late for school at Holland Christian High School.

Prosecutors played the 911 call Christopher DeKleine made after the discovery, a few hours after he came home from school. His voice was fraught with emotion, telling the dispatcher he could not go back into the basement to see if his mother was still breathing.

On the stand, Christopher DeKleine talked about becoming concerned about his mother when he found her cell phone and eyeglasses inside the house. He found her lying on the basement floor.

"I yelled. I was shocked," he said.

Prosecutors allege Ken DeKleine put a different nylon strap around his wife's neck and tipped a ladder over inside the room to make it appear to be a suicide. But the strap was simply resting, unattached, upon some overhead rafters.

Officer Ken DeKleine - Murdered ex-wife Lori - Holland PD [Jan 10, 2008]


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