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Officer Ken DeKleine - PPO Violation - Holland PD

On January 10, 2008, Officer Kenneth DeKleine violated the PPO again [and for the last time]. During the night, he gained access to Lori's house through the garage....He climbed up into the attic....Then he laid in wait until their two children left for school in the morning.... Officer DeKleine then crept out of the attic and strangled / murdered Lori...



Officer Ken DeKleine [Holland PD]: MURDER OF LORI DEKLEINE [January 10, 2008]

Transcript released for DeKleine arrest warrant
Posted by 58th Judicial District Court
The Grand Rapids Press
January 14, 2008 15:37PM

The following is a transcript of Lt. Mark Bennett, of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department, seeking an arrest warrant on Saturday for Kenneth DeKleine.

MAGISTRATE GLENN R. YOAS: It's January 12, 2008. A request for a felony warrant, Defendant Kenneth Dekleine, D-e-k-l-e-i-n-e, for open murder. Who's going to sign the complaint?

LIEUTENANT MARK BENNETT: I will, your honor.

THE MAGISTRATE: Okay. Raise your right hand. Do you swear the information in this complaint is the truth to the best of your knowledge?

LIEUTENANT BENNETT: I do. Well, your honor, on January 11, 2008, the sheriff's office was called to assist the Holland City Police Department at 229 Calvin Street, in Holland City on a death investigation, and the victim of that death was Lori, L-o-r-i, Dekleine. It was noted that her husband is an employee of the City of Holland Police Department. They requested our assistance in that matter.

Through the course of the death investigation, the victim was found in the basement of her home on Calvin with a nylon strap around her neck. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Subsequent medical examination confirmed that the death was that of a homicide, and the manner of death was strangulation, presumed by the apparatus around her neck.

Subsequently, several articles of evidence were located at the scene on Calvin Street. Several individuals were interviewed, and Kenneth Dekleine, the defendant in this case, was interviewed on multiple occasions.

The third occasion he was interviewed on, yesterday, the evening of the 11th. A substantial interview was done at that time, and under Miranda, Kenneth Dekleine confessed that he caused the injuries that resulted in the death of Mrs. Dekleine.

Ken had gained access to the home, somewhat prior to the homicide, a few hours prior to the homicide, and through that access, or after that access he had waited for Mrs. Dekleine to become alone in the residence after the children left; had contact with Mrs. Dekleine in the kitchen of the home on Calvin, and used a strap to affix the strap around her neck and chocked her to the point that she fell to the floor. While on the floor, he confirmed, by his own admission, that Mrs. Dekleine had died. He then placed Mrs. Dekleine in the basement of the home, attempted, and at least initially attempted to make the appearance of a suicide, and then left the residence.

The investigators found evidence at the scene that should, through subsequent investigation, confirm the presence of blood. That blood, we believe, is going to come back as being Kenneth Dekleine's blood, as he was injured in the altercation with Mrs. Dekleine. He claims that he was bitten on his lip by the victim, prior to the homicide, and this was substantiated by six sutures on Mr. Dekleine's lip that was noted during the investigation and subsequent interview of Mr. Dekleine.

Mr. Dekleine was lodged here at the Ottawa County Jail, subsequent to his interview and confession to the homicide.

THE MAGISTRATE: He confessed?


THE MAGISTRATE: Okay. Probable cause has been established, and a warrant will issue. Sign the complaint. No bond will be set at this time. It will be delayed until Monday when he is arraigned.

Police: Holland officer confessed to killing wife
Posted: Jan 14, 2008 07:42 AM CST
Updated: Jan 14, 2008 05:02 PM CST
Ken DeKleine at his arraignment, Jan. 14, 2008

HOLLAND -- Officer Ken DeKleine confessed to killing his wife during the third interview with police, according to court documents.

DeKleine was arraigned on open murder charges in the 58th District Court Monday. DeKleine, who has been with the Holland Police for 13 years, was arrested Friday.

Two documents revealed a great deal: testimony used to get a warrant for Ken DeKleine and a personal protection order filed by his wife.

In the documents, police said they found Lori DeKleine, 43, in the basement with a nylon strap around her neck. During the interview with police, DeKleine said he went into their house several hours before she died and waited for the kids to leave. He then confronted her in the kitchen and put the strap around her neck.

She fell to the floor and he took her to the basement and tried to make it look like a suicide. One of their children called 9-1-1 Thursday night, and police discovered her body.

In their investigation, police found blood at the scene that was Ken DeKleine's.

DeKleine should not have been at the house since Lori filed a personal protection order against Ken.

The PPO showed the judge allowed Ken to still carry weapons, and the courts said he was trying to get the order terminated.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department sent a release to 24 Hour News 8 acknowledging violations of the PPO had been filed with the Holland Police Department. Those cases are now in the prosecutor's hands.

Holland Police Chief John Kruithof said there were no red flags with DeKleine.

"My job is to make sure that he can perform his job, and Ken did his job alright," he said. "Now, what he suppressed inside of him, yeah, I mean you can suppress something inside of you and I can be your best friend, but if you don't want me to know, I'm not going to know it."

In the courtroom sat one couple, church friends of the DeKleine's.

Amy Elwood said, "He's a good man. He just did something really bad. It's not the person we knew."

"We can't understand how this could have happened," said Thomas Elwood. Elwood and DeKleine both served in the military. In 2005, DeKleine spent a year in Iraq training soldiers.

"I can't say whether the time over there contributed to this," he said. "You wonder, though, because it's got to be traumatic in Iraq for everybody."

Kruithof said DeKleine wasn't there on active duty. "Family issues between he and his wife grew that year," he told 24 Hour News 8. "From what I believe, I don't believe he was affected by his events in Iraq. He was affected by the events that his family situation was in when he got back."

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