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[MI] Corrections Officer Kenneth M. Norton - Murder of Tabatha Horn [07/05/1993]

An old case from 1993 - But I am posting this because Norton was paroled in 2012. When you read the post on MIOIDV, you will note that Tabatha's body was found NUDE - and there was a history of child molestation in the Norton family. So this is also a creepy crawler alert, eh.

Officer Johnny Ray Bridges - Detroit PD

On March 03, 2014, Officer Johnny Ray Bridges assaulted his girlfriend and fired his gun during the altercation.

The Detroit PD was well aware of Officer Bridges violent tendencies. On February 25, 2006 Officer Bridges beat Olden Medley unconscious. Bridges was not even reprimanded by the department, although the City of Detroit later paid a settlement to Medley for the assault. 

Access to firearms increases risk of DV homicide by 500%
A study completed by the National Network to End Domestic Violence - NNEDV - that does not include OIDV...How the hell can you do research on DV homicides involving firearms, and not include the most deadliest form of DV associated with shooting deaths: OIDV?

Officer Timothy Hibbard - Jackson PD - A family in crisis...
[January 28, 2014]

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Officer Timothy Hibbard - Gerald Landrum charged w/attempted murder of Hibbard. [April 17, 2004]

Officer Timothy Hibbard - Samuel M. Thomas convicted for dragging Officer Hibbard w/vehicle [August 15, 2002]

I was told...

Unsolved Murder of Bernita White - Ex wife of MSP Trooper Artis White [June 2001]
 Michigan OIDV: Who Killed Bernita White?

Justice For Bernita - Facebook - By Tony Medina

Murder of Officer Patricia Katie Ryan Williams [Sept. 2009]: 
Officer Patricia Katie Ryan Williams Wrongful-death lawsuit

I am still working on this post - please check back for updates

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